25 Best Freelance Websites to Find High-Payment Work in 2021
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People usually afraid of the part most that searching and finding a freelance job and stay away from it, even if they allured the ideas. But it is actually not. Here is a list of freelance websites to help you to find high-payment freelance works easily in 2021 with our list.

Almost any conversation is about freelancers these days. It’s mostly because during quarantine we somehow get more familiar with its working standards while working from home wherever we are. And on the other hand, being your own boss’ idea has an important effect, and learn how to make money online.

Best Freelance Websites

1- LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder

No matter what you do or how you work, everyone knows that having a LinkedIn profile is a must now. You can reach lots of important people through LinkedIn and they also can reach you as well. This is why it is so important in any situation for you, it might be either finding a job or building a Network that also provides you lots of things for a long time period.

You can share your works for each role you have had and this makes it more than just a resume. You will be composing much more than you can do in your CV. You can bring some traffic to your profile by having your skills searchable and connect with people looking for your expertise.

On the other hand, there is also another smart feature LinkedIn has come up with, LinkedIn ProFinder. It helps you to find qualified businesses people to work for them. It also provides you with project sending via email and gives you the chance to write a proposal and bid on the work you want.

2- Behance

Behance features so much great work for you to soak in, including illustrations, animations, web design, and more. So if you are seeking creative inspiration, this is the exact point you should land.

In Behance, you fill your profile with examples of your work and they are being put in front of an audience that is like-minded creatives. And you might get even more positive exposure if your work earns the coveted spot of featured project. After that, who might see them and want to hire you is what is left. Behance also provides a social media network to connect with other designers. It is always important expanding your contact list incase they also may bring you new opportunities, who knows.

3- Designhill

Designhill provides finding freelance designers in a few ways to employers. Employers can create project contests so they can bring a number of design entries straight to them. They also can seek out services they want through a search box.

If you are a grumbling person at crowdsourcing work on freelance sites, don’t worry anyway. Not all design contests are a scam in Designhill and it shows they can be legitimate enterprises.  Furthermore, it offers a chance to design their own T-shirts, has them printed, and sell them in their online shop. It’s a nice way to give freelance designers to get their work out and make some money off in another way, too.

4- Fiverr

You can showcase your finished projects here so that potential clients can find you according to their interests. Furthermore, Fiverr provides free learning courses, so you can develop your skills more and pitch to clients. Click here to sign-up for free.

5- Simply Hired

In Simply Hired, you can browse freelance jobs in your nearby location. There is also a list of top salaries and a tool that appraises your fee. Their job search functions also let you narrow down your searches only to what you’re interested in. You can also create a resume from here and learn many things from their blogs such as guides on resume writing, cover letter writing, and other information to help you out.

6- Guru

Guru provides transparency on their freelance platform and value trust. They make sure that whatever your role, expectations are met. With this attitude, they also extend to their job posts, which clearly communicate what a project entails. If you are looking for new freelance design works, you can use Guru as a reputable source.

7- Freelancer

Everything from designing to SEO and copywriting jobs is in Freelancer so it covers many different facets of work for freelancers. Many people consider it as one of the best freelance websites for finding freelance website jobs. So Freelancer has a wealth of potential leads if you are after flex jobs or whatsoever.

8- Nexxt

There are 4 categories in these freelance websites for you to search for you job according to your criteria: career focus, local focus, diversity focus, and global focus. Nexxt provides you to try various freelance jobs that align with your career.

9- Desing Crowd

DesignCrowd includes lots of design disciplines and jobs from all over the world. There is a wide variety of jobs so it might be a comprehensive freelance websites marketplace. Employers can court and allow the designers to find the right fit. Just like most freelance websites, they have crowdsourcing to do their work.

10- Writer Access

Writer Access is the best platform if you want to become a freelance writer. It includes all kinds of writing jobs among online articles, case studies, tech papers, and more. They also have many tools such as keyword optimization, content analytics, and planner, so you can get more work done efficiently.

11- Skyword

You can find easily loads of content marketing here. You also have many options while registering such as a freelance content strategist, editorial manager, and more. Furthermore, Skyword has been trusted by clients from 27 countries with 13 languages support. So your options won’t be limited by your area.

12- Hireable

In Hireable, you have the opportunity of getting a freelance job outside America or Europe equally. With its super simple user interface, this freelance website provides you to get job alerts, recommendations. You can also save your jobs and see them later as well as the jobs you applied for.

13- Authentic Jobs

This freelancer site leads a job board for software developers, creatives, and designers. You can look specifically for freelance gigs, internships, part-time, and full-time work here.  You will be able to find jobs in Authentic Jobs such as digital marketing jobs, UI/UX jobs, and software development jobs.


It doesn’t only provide works for freelancers, but it also encourages people to try freelancing. FlexJobs collects jobs from around the world, but if you want to get full access to its wide network of employers you need to pay $14.95 a month.


Not all freelancing jobs are digital. TaskRabbit is a freelance website that focuses on housework while most of the examples above are focused on digital freelancing websites. So if you want to land a freelance gig that doesn’t include the tech industry, TaskRabbit provides you opportunities such as mounting TVs and walls to delivering office supplies.

16- Webflow Experts

There are many businesses out there looking to hire freelancers and agencies that offer services related to Webflow. On Webflow, you can find clients for a website, and design-related projects can be found on our very own Webflow Experts.

So if you have any skills in design, development, site migration, or marketing, it might worth taking a look at this freelancing website.

17- 99designs

If you want to feel supported as a freelancer, 99designs is just for you! They have a community of designers that you can join. It also is another freelancing website that provides you opportunities such as connecting with businesses around the world.

They have everything from logos to book covers. Furthermore, they also allow clients to start a contest that everyone in 99Designs can join in.

18- The Creative Group

This freelance website makes it very easy for freelancers to find a job they want. You can upload a resume or a LinkedIn profile to start looking for a job. When you find an opportunity that suits your interest, you can try to apply for the job.

19- Crowded

This freelance website ranks everyone according to their price, experience, and skills. It boasts its AI-powered recruitment process so that you will be able to find the most suitable applicants for companies.

That means Crowded also is great for freelancers because they don’t have to manually apply to each job opening. You just let the algorithm do the work and then wait for the call from the employer.

20- Aquent

Aquent is a well-established freelancing firm that has won many awards. This freelancing website provides high-quality workers for creative, digital, and marketing purposes.

Aquent states that they primarily accept people who has 2+ years of working experience, but fresh graduates are still welcome to explore their available jobs. And you can also find out how much your skill is worth with their salary guide to help you set your price.

21- Working Not Working

This freelancing website is really serious about design and empowering those. They offer lots of tools to help people grow in their careers. There are some designer profiles on their landing page. We recommend you read through some of these bios to have more opinions and get inspired. Working Not Working has a solid job board with a ton of great jobs while it provides designers visibility.

22- AngelList

AngelList connects freelancers with up-and-coming businesses while offering the chance to shape a brand’s identity and flex your creativity a bit more than with established companies.

23- PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour pairs clients with designers in order to market themselves as doing a better job. It has over 1.5 million freelancers that used their service. Every worker will have a rating, which might get a great promotion.

The client inputs the important details of projects and needs first and then the data sent through an artificial intelligence program that analyzes it. After this progress, it matches the client with designers who would be a good fit. This freelancing website aims for a more streamlined process. It is bringing designers and clients on their freelance platform in a more precise way but the competition can be very challenging. So freelancers should always improve themselves and determine reasonable fees so they will more likely get hired.

24- Toptal

Toptal is a freelance website that promises companies they can hire the top 3% of global freelancers. They only accept a few into their ranks among the thousands of submissions they get every month.

This exclusivity makes them apart from so many other freelance websites out there. Surely, you might be one of them if you work hard enough in building your skills. It may seem scary getting in, but if you do, you’ll get the chance to put yourself in front of some pretty big names such as Airbnb, Zendesk, and Thumbtack. These are companies that have used Toptal to find designers.

25-  Upwork

Upwork is also another freelance website that is working with famous companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb, Dropbox, etc.

It provides tools that are collaborative space, a built-in invoice maker, and a transparent recruitment process so that you can start your freelance journey. If you are looking for flexibility, we suggest you check this freelance website. But you also need to learn the artistry of writing effective proposals. You might have to bid below your pay rate in order to build up your feedback rating.

To sum up, being a freelancer brings you the flexibility in choosing your next job while having the freedom of when and where to do it. But on the other hand, it also has its own toughness such as competition. But this wouldn’t worry and pull you back, we always need to start from somewhere and move forward in order to develop ourselves, right? So why not do this on a freeway we want it by working freelance?

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