Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2021: How to make money online
Afilliate marketing programs

Want to earn more money from your blog but don’t know where to start? Well, this is the biggest question usually which makes most bloggers struggle. There is a lot of factors that affect your blog niche, traffic, etc, and right or wrong answers for them. So we wanted to give you a hand to handle and get your questions an answer. ‘Affiliate marketing programs.’ Here are the affiliate marketing programs in 2021 that are going to help you with how to make money online.

The world has turned into a digital place since the Internet was widely used by society. So now most of the work is being done on the internet. People have turned into a kind of toy in the face of various search engines and other features of the web world. So choosing an affiliate program to earn has become an important issue now following all of those situations and develops. And there are hundreds of affiliate programs that will delight and pay for streamers. In this post, we will be referring to the best affiliate programs for marketers and bloggers.

What are affiliate programs?

Online businesses have become one of the favorites of the times. And thanks to various tactics and plans, people started to live with these jobs especially on these hard days. The affiliate program system is one of them. These online programs are used by various bloggers and developers to make money. In return, you need to fulfill the necessary certain services that they require.

In simpler terms, it can be called the process of selling the product online and getting its commission online. This is a two-way process. It is a way of shopping for customers while means earning commissions for advertisers. Accordingly, there are many partnership networks that offer various opportunities to bloggers and developers. The use of affiliate programs entirely depends on the needs and competence of the blogger.

1- Amazon is the most preferred online shopping brand. We would not be mistaken if we say that the partnership program developed by Amazon is a source of inspiration for other programs. All major brands of European countries have investments within A customer can view and purchase anything from clothes to books on one site.

Developers can easily create an affiliate program with Amazon. The commission part increases with the amount of product. While a person earns 4% commission from books, another can get 14% commission from television. The higher range you have, the more commissions you will receive and this is the main criterion.

One of the good parts of this program is even if it’s not the product you linked to, all purchases the referred traffic make on Amazon count towards your affiliate revenue. Another factor that makes the affiliate program attractive is that delivers the commission from sales within 24 hours. But you can only get paid by cheque, bank transfer, or Amazon gift card. Though, they seem to bring digital payment methods soon.

2- eBay Partners

Everyone wants to earn large amounts of money, and this is very important in the current economic order of the world. The eBay Affiliate Network offers this opportunity. This exclusive affiliate network provides you the tools that are necessary to promote a product in different directions and to make a successful marketing campaign.

The commission fee is quite good and the amount of commission varies depending on the traffic generated for eBay. One of the biggest features of this affiliate program is its tracking system. But you must make sure you are properly tracking all traffic in order to manage this. All remaining transactions are taken care of by the tracking system and the system instantly transmits you the most up-to-date developments.


Avangate is the solution of selling any software and service to anyone. Avangate has a unique solution that enables individuals to easily find paid and free software. Publishers and developers can earn money by selling their software here.

4- Google AdSense

Google AdSense is actually an Online Advertising Network, not an affiliate platform. It is a way to earn off a blog but on the other hand, it is arguable whether it is one of the most preferred. It works on the same principles as others. You need to promote something on your site in order to get paid according to the interest your audience showed in it.

On the other hand in this affiliate program, you don’t need to find any product to promote. It manages what to display on your website. And you are able to choose the advertising types.

5- ConvertKit

This affiliate program works through an email system. It offers a customizable and uniquely fitting email that is leading every user through the platform. It is one of the most recommended names in the email marketing industry.

ConvertKit can easily reach every need of the audience who uses email marketing. And there is no cut-off on this affiliate program. You will be getting paid on the condition that your account is active and paying. They have a 30-day refund without question policy while every commission is also taking a month to confirm. So they won’t be able to credit you if the commission passes a month. But keep that in mind, not everyone uses an email marketing program and makes your decision according to this fact and your audience profile your aim.

6- Bluehost

This affiliate program is one of the tops recommended WordPress hosts. So this also gives its customers a huge trust. They offer affordable prices, flexible packages and a great customer support team. In addition, Bluehost requires your audience to need web hosting, too. Keep that in mind. And they also require a minimum $100 payout within 12 months of first referral, which actually should not be a big deal. It’s an easy feat to achieve. Click here to sign-up for free.

7- Leadpages Partner Program

This partner program provides a powerful online marketing tool, which gives every person the ability of creating landing pages despite the expertise levels of them. If you have a digital audience already, this is probably the most useful program you could choose as they also provide a unique product in their space. It will be selling it self as long as you have the right buyer mass. Furthermore, they offer a 30% commission on whatever the audience spends without any cutoffs.

8- ShareASale

Among the existing affiliate programs, ShareASale is definitely one of the best. ShareASale is one of the most popular affiliate programs and is very useful. They feature a plentiful marketplace full of merchants catering to almost everything you can imagine. So there will always be relevant products for you to promote.

ShareASale provides many services such as marketing, server services, general online services. The genesis framework, best known and used by StudioPress and WordPress, is part of this program. The products in this network can be promoted in various ways, the most well-known are banner ads and direct links. ShareASale is a very important option for those who aim to make sales with blog activities. One of the best parts of this program is they provide both digital and standard payout.

9- Rakuten Linkshare

This network has many programs for bloggers and developers could be interested in. In order to be included in the current system, you must first register a product in the system. And if the application gets accepted, then ads start to appear on your site. What makes this affiliate program hard is its challenging network which the blogger needs to apply for each program on their own independently.

But still, LinkShare is a highly reliable network. Many bloggers and partners have spoken about its credibility and effectiveness. Received checks can easily be converted into cash, even if the earnings are small amounts of value. They are an award-winning store, with partnerships with brands as big as the NBA itself. So you can confidently promote the products they stock.

10- JotForm Affiliate Program

It is an online form builder which has over 8 million users. There are many different industries and different size businesses that its users can use. This affiliate program offers a 30% commission rate and provides you a tool Commission Calculator. With it, you will be able to calculate your potential earnings easily.

On the other hand, the cookie length of Jotform is 60 days which bases on a first-touch attribution. So you will receive your commission no matter what during a user clicks your affiliate links. The only con of this program is you will be able to earn commission only for a year.

11- Clickbank

Among the best affiliate programs, ClickBank has a special value. Imagine you are an amateur blogger and just got into affiliate programs. ClickBank is the best and most reliable platform for you. It is extremely easy to register for the program and get approval.

Clickbank offers a diverse marketplace where is fu-filled with merchants that you can pick-and-choose to promote, according to your audience’s interests. They have a really easy product database to navigate anything on this list out. So you can easily promote something.

On the other hand, this affiliate program allows a maximum of $150 earned per referral sale and they have no digital payment methods yet. They only provide checks, direct deposits, wire transfers, or Payoneer.

12- Shopify

In this affiliate program, there is an eCommerce software used by bloggers and online retailers. If your audience is also trying to sell online, Shopify is a great affiliate partnership for you to show them to.  Furthermore, you earn the first two months of your referral’s subscription fee with a 200% bounty on standard plans which is up to $598. And on the enterprise plan which pays $2,000, there is a 100% bounty as well.

13- Solvid Affiliate

They offer a 20% commission on all purchases, including those that are made by the referred client in the future. This means in this affiliate program, there is no limit to what you can earn. For example, if you refer a client that spends £3,500/month with Solvid, you will be receiving £700/month for as long as the client stays. So they are one of the highest paying affiliate programs.

14- CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program

This affiliate program has been in the Affiliate Marketing industry since 1998. So their expertise reflects every aspect of what they do. It is almost impossible to find fault with the products they provide in every niche. But they have a really rigorous application process because they are looking for high standards. So this platform is most likely for the ones who know what they’re talking about.

15- MaxBounty Affiliate Network

This affiliate program is a new one among most of the others. But it also worked with some high-end brands, such as Norton, McAfee, and T-Mobile already. They aim for things that other affiliate programs don’t do yet. And they seem to handle it well so far.

They offer a $1,000 bonus to any affiliate earning if the users can reach a minimum of $1,000 per month for the first 3 months. And they pay weekly with digital payout options. And ultimately, they reward top affiliate earners.

16- Tapgerine

Tapgerine is an Online Advertising Program catering, which especially suitable for the mobile user audience more. But still, they’re limited on offers. On the other hand, their mobile marketing offers do really well. They don’t have enough knowledge base yet but it will probably change as they grow. They focus especially on what you can do instead of obtaining everything.

17- Chitika Publishers Network

This affiliate program is very similar to AdSense as being another Online Advertising Website as well. And they have also an almost as noteworthy reputation. So they worth giving them a chance.

Their strengthened reputation provides trust for high-quality content and ads. But even if they also similar, they are still no Google. With their respectable business with an immense amount of support and history behind, they still might worth giving a chance as we said.

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