Ranking The 10 Best Dolly Parton Studio Albums of All-Time

By: Thomas Newman

Our latest article looks at the ten best Dolly Parton albums from her impressive catalog of close to fifty albums in a career that spans more than 50 years.

From her 1971 album, Coat of Many Colors, that highlighted her humble background to the 1977 album New Harvest…First Gathering that marked new beginnings in her career, we have come up with a list of the ten best Dolly Parton albums of all time. Here are our rankings.

Blue Smoke (2014)

Throughout the album, Dolly Parton’s powerful vocals stand out throughout the album and prove that she can find the perfect balance between art and slick.


New Harvest… First Gathering (1977)

As the album’s title suggests, it was a new harvest for Dolly Parton, who self-produced this album after breaking free of Porter Wagoner’s influence on her musical career.


Just Because I’m a Woman (1968)

When Dolly Parton received a call from Porter Wagoner in 1967, she thought that Porter wanted to record one of her songs with Norma Jean. However, it turned out to be her most significant breakthrough as she was meant to replace Norman Jean.


9 To 5 And Odd Jobs (1980)

The song “9 – 5” earned Dolly Parton two Grammy Awards. The album also featured some amazing ballads, such as the ninth track, “Dark as a Dungeon,” which reminded us that Dolly Parton is still a country girl at heart.


Heart Breaker (1978)

The album contained two number one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart with the tracks “Heartbreaker” and “I Really Got the Feeling.” The album is certified gold by the RIAA.


Little Sparrow (2001)

The album was positively acclaimed by critics and peaked at #12 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums Chart and #97 on the US Billboard 200 Chart.


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