The 10 Best Confederate Railroad Songs of All-Time

Confederate Railroad

It was never easy to make it in music back in the day because there was no shortcut to success. A music group had to take a long way to make it to the top if they wanted to rock and roll. One such group that became successful was the Confederate Railroad which, even after becoming successful, did not take their success for granted. Their fans adored the group, and after every show, they ensured that they took time to mingle and greet their fans, sign autographs and take photos. During such times, fans could share their favorite songs with this famous country and southern rock band and what they mean to them. The group Confederate Railroad was formed in 1987 by Danny Shirley, Gates Nichols, Chris McDaniel, Michael Lamb, Mark Dufresne, and Wayne Secrest. After forming the group, the six members started performing at various bar establishments in Atlanta, Georgia, and Augusta, Georgia. They have released four studio albums to date. Here are some of their greatest hits:

10. Trashy Women


The group released this number in 1989, and it performed well on several charts. It reached position 63 on the U.S.Country chart the year it was released. The song also reached 10th position in the country hit four years after its release from their self-titled album. This number was written by Chris Wall, who narrates how he was raised in a sophisticated setup, but He still likes his women “just a little on the trashy side.” This song was enjoyed by both sets of fans, male and female; it had a perfect storyline and remained a hit for many years on various country music countdowns in different countries.

9. When You Leave That Way, You Can Never Go Back


The group recorded this song in was more of a reflection about life in prison where it talks about the bridges that one burns and regrets later. This song was loved by so many of the group’s fans, and a number of other artists have done a cover to it, such as Bill Anderson and Sam Neely. Steve Clark and Johnny MacRae wrote this song. It reached position 77 in the US Billboard Hot Country Singles.

8. Finish What He Started


Finish What He Started was written by Walt Aldridge, Billy Spencer, and Rick Hall. The group was released in 1996. It is an encouragement song that fans love because of the profound message it contains in the lyrics. It keeps them on their toes to complete a given task to a conclusion. This single also performed well and resonated well with the group of fans who could sing word to word during live performances.

7. Jesus and Mama


Danny Mayo and James Dean Hicks wrote this beautiful number before the band released it in was their second single in their self-titled album and went on to pick at a position on the Hot Country singles charts. Confederate later included this song on the B-side of their third album single. Many fans used to enjoy the music and viewed it as a soft and believable track.

6. Elvis and Andy


“Elvis and Andy” is an up-tempo single released in 1994 from the Confederate Railroad album Notorious. Craig Wiseman wrote this number. After releasing this song, it performed well on the charts by reaching position 20 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles. The Canadian chart peaked at position 8. The music video to the song was excellent and was released the same year in mid-1994. Martin Kahan did a fantastic job directing it. According to Discogs, it is among the most requested songs by fans whenever the group is performing with someone in their road tour.

5. When and Where


This number was written to the group by Brett Jones, Jeff Pennig, and Jess Brown. Confederate Railroad recorded it in 1995 as their first single in their new album when and where. The song, after release, started performing well on the charts and peaked at position 24 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks charts. In the Canadian Country charts, it reached position 17th. The group recorded this hit in Atlantic studios under Producer Barry Beckett who ensured everything was for the fans to enjoy it. This record is among the greatest country songs of 1995

4. See Ya


The group released See Ya in 1995. Thom HcHugh and Chris Ward wrote this single. It is among the best song in their album, The Very Best of Confederate Railroad Album. The recording was short and lasted 2 minutes and fifty-second seconds. It is available on all streaming sites for fans of this group to enjoy.

3. The One You Love the Most


Bob DiPiero and Reed Nielsen wrote this record. This country group released it in 1996 in their album Greatest Hits.

2. Daddy Never Was the Cadillac Kind


This was a Confederate Railroad song that Dave Gibson and Bernie Nelson wrote. This hit song was released in 1994 on their album Notorious. It peaked in the United States charts at number 9 and in Canada at position 7. The single has remained one of this group’s top ten singles in the United States to date. The music video to this song was done in pure black and white.

1. Queen of Memphis (Written by Dave Gibson)


Queen of Memphis was Confederate Railroad’s third released song in their 1992 self-titles album. it became a fan hit and picked at number two in the United States and number three in Canada. According to Telegraph Herald, This has become the band’s highest-peaking song to date. Overall, the group’s success and hard work enable it to achieve two platinum-selling studio albums. Their four-studio albums demonstrate how when a group of talented individuals can turn their passion into a career can yield tremendous success. Their music resonates so much with the fans because they are close to them and value them.

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