The 10 Best Great White Songs of All-Time

Great White

The formation of Great White in 1977 in Los Angeles was a great move by the band’s founder Mark Kendal and the entire crew. It didn’t take long for this American hard rock band to gain popularity, an indication that it boasts unmatched talent coupled with passion. 1980 and early 1990s were the shining moments of the Great White. Some of their releases then won the band airplay on MTV. However, the 1989 album release ‘Twice Shy’ saw the band achieve tremendous popularity. But, ‘Things fall apart,’ this band didn’t stay glued forever. They were faced with a serious commercial decline in 1993 -2001, forcing them to disband. Sadly, their reunion was welcomed by a 2003 fire tragedy that claimed 100 lives, including Ty Longley- their band member. From then until 2005, Great White traveled around pledging for the support of the fire victims and survivors. 2012 the hard rock band was back with ‘Elation,’ a studio album featuring their then-new vocalist Terry Ilous who had replaced the band’s original lead vocalist Jack Russell. Since then, the band has been making it back to the industry with some of their top classic rock records. Let’s check their top 10 best songs of all time.

10. Stick it


Stick it is this hard rock band’s ‘signature track’ from their album titled Great White. The single was released in 1984, but the Great White album release elicited its exposure. Listen to the lyric keenly, and you’ll agree it’s one of the raw and truthful recordings ever released.

9. Kick Start My Heart


Kick Start My Heart is a 2011 release from The Essential Great White Album. The ballad is a version of Mötley Crüe, an American heavy metal band’s original released in 1989 from their Dr. Feelgood album. This song is a great piece to hark; you’ll never get enough of Jack Russel’s voice, the band’s vocalist, and the synchronized backup (vocals and instrumentals) by the entire crew.

8. Lady Red Light


Penned by Jack Russel, Mark Kendall, Michael Lardie, and Alan Niven is ‘Lady Red Light’ a favorite song to many Great White fans. It is a 1987 release from the album ‘Once Bitten.’ The song was featured on the NBC show in the ‘Tom’s Divorce’ episode of Parks and Recreation’s television series.

7. Call It Rock N’ Roll


This 1991 release ‘Call It Rock N’ Roll’ is a ballad from the ‘Hooke’ album. The song was a record for Capitol Records. It’s a music video written by Anthon Montana, Michael Lardie, Alan Niven, Mark Kendall, and Jack Russell.

6. Rollin’ Stoned


This song, ‘Rollin’ Stoned’ written by Jack Blades, Jack Russell, and Michael Lardie, was influenced by the 70’s style of music. It’s a track from their album ‘Can’t Get There from Here.’ The track is suited to be ranked among the tasty licks showcasing the hearty voices from Jack Russel, Mark Kendall, and the band’s backup crew. If you want to have a taste of Great White’s approach and style of music, listen to this hit, ‘Rollin’ Stoned.’

5. Save Your Love


This ballad by Great Whites ranks as their favorite among their fans. Upon its release in 1988, the song became their most powerful track. It charted no.9 at the Mainstream Rock and position 57 at the Billboard Hot 100. This song is the second single from their Once Bitten album and has gathered over 1m views on YouTube. Jack Russell’s raspy vocals accent this track to a level that truly showcases the band’s talent in the industry.

4. House Of Broken Love


Looking for a blues-based track by Great White? ‘House of Broken Love,’ referred to as the band’s signature cut is the perfect version to add to your collection. This track was for their 1989 album ‘Twice Shy’ penned by Alan Niven, Michael Lardie and Mark Kendall that charted on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at 83 and on the Billboard no. 7 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks. Jack Russell, the vocalist, and Mark Kendall, the band’s guitarist, showcased their talents in this song. In addition, the single features the heartbreaking relationships of the band’s vocalist (Russell) and guitarist (Kendall).

3. The Angel Song


Among the many Great White’s charted hits is ‘The Angel Song,’ released in 1989 from their album ‘…Twice Shy.’ This track peaked at position 18 on the US Billboard Mainstream Rock Airplay and number 30 at the US Billboard Hot 100. In addition, it has over 2 million on YouTube.

2. Rock Me


Rock Me is a single by Great White, released in 1987. To date, this song is still their breakout hit, often played on Classic Rock Radio, and has gathered over 16 million views on YouTube. The current version clocks at 3 and 5 minutes. It is trim from a previous over 7minute version. This makes the present version slightly different from the original, even though they were both penned by Niven, Russell, Lardie, and Kendall. The ‘Rock Me’ single charted position nine on the Mainstream Rock and no. 60 on the Billboard Hot 100.

1. Once Bitten Twice Shy


Once Bitten Twice Shy is Great White’s single released in 1989 from their fourth studio album ‘Twice Shy.’ It’s a cover from Ian Hunter’s 1975 original version single that charted position 14 in the UK singles chart. However, The Great White’s version, with over 25 million views on YouTube, charted number six on the Mainstream Rock Tracks and fourth position on the Billboard Hot 100 after being mastered by Greg Fulginiti. In addition, the video version of the single was featured among the 15 Essential Pop Metal videos on New York Times list. The single was later covered by Eddie and the Hot Rods band, The Angels band, Status Quo, and Shy.


Through their music career, Great White has released several albums and singles. Many have come to appreciate this band’s presentation and style of music. Like many bands, Great White has replaced some of the members, but that didn’t compel them to alter their original approach, an accurate indication of the member’s commitment to the band continuity. As a result, they have and continue to release music worth listening to and adding to the collection.

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