The 10 Best INXS Songs of All-Time


INXS, which is pronounced ‘in excess,’ was an Australian rock band that was formed in Sydney in 1977. Initially, the band was called The Farriss Brothers, as three of the founding band members were brothers. The band’s original members included main composer and keyboardist Andrew Farriss, guitarist Tim Farriss, drummer John Farriss, bassist Garry Gary Beers, guitarist and saxophonist Kirk Pengilly, and Michael Hutchence, the lead singer and main lyricist. The band was first known for its new wave and pop style of music. However, their style changed, and they became better known for their pub rock style, which included dance and funk elements. Although Michael Hutchence died in 1997, the band continued to perform and record music together using guest singers. INXS eventually disbanded in 2012. During their career, INXS recorded 12 studio albums, 12 compilation albums, 14 video albums, five EPs, four live albums, and 70 singles. Here are the 10 best INXS songs of all time.

10. Disappear (1990)


Rate Your Music lists ‘Disappear’ as one of the best INXS songs of all time. It is one of the few songs by INXS that was more successful in the United States than their native Australia. ‘Disappear’ only reached number 23 on the Australian charts, but it reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at number six on the US Mainstream Rock chart. It was most successful in Canada, where it topped the charts.

9. New Sensation (1988)


‘New Sensation’ was the third single released from INXS’s fourth studio album ‘Kick.’ The first two singles released, ‘Need You Tonight’ and ‘Devil Inside,’ had a sultry tone. However, INXS showed off a different style with ‘New Sensation,’ as it has a funk groove. It topped the charts in Canada and was a top ten hit in Australia and the United States.

8. Listen Like Thieves (1986)


‘Listen Like Thieves’ is the title track from the 1985 album of the same name. However, as the track was the fourth single released from the album, it was not released until the following year. It was most successful on the US Mainstream Rock chart, as it peaked at number 12. In 1992, the song was covered by the American pop-rock group Was (Not Was).

7. Good Times (1987)


Occasionally, INXS collaborated with other artists to produce music, and ‘Good Times’ is one example. The song features singer and songwriter Jimmy Barnes, who is known for both his solo work and as the lead singer of Cold Chisel. It topped the charts in New Zealand, reached number two in Australia, and peaked at number three on the US Mainstream Rock chart. This song featured on the soundtrack of the cult film ‘The Lost Boys’.

6. Never Tear Us Apart (1988)


‘Never Tear Us Apart’ was the fourth single released from the album ‘X.’ This single was most successful in Canada, peaking at number two. It was also a top ten hit in the United States and the Netherlands. In Australia, the song reached number 11 and was certified 5x Platinum. ‘Never tear Us Apart’ has been covered by Paloma Faith and The Teskey Brothers. Port Adelaide Football Club has also used this as their anthem.

5. Original Sin (1984)


‘Original Sin’ was the lead single from the band’s fourth studio album, ‘The Swing.’ The track features backing vocals from Daryl Hall, and Nile Rogers produced it. It was the first number one hit for INXS, as it topped the Australian charts. This track was also a top ten hit in New Zealand. In the music video for this song, the band members are riding around a fairground in Japan as it is set up and then taken down around them. INXS rereleased the song in 2010 as a dance track that featured Rob Thomas and DJ Yalediys.

4. Devil Inside (1988)


In the United States, ‘Devil Inside‘ reached number two on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the Mainstream Rock chart. It also reached number two in New Zealand, number three in Canada, and number six in Australia. This track was the second single released from the album’ Kick.’ The song was later covered by London Grammar, and their version was featured in the trailer for the fourth season of ‘Game of Thrones.’

3. Don’t Change (1982)


The Culture Trip lists ‘Don’t Change’ as one of the best INXS songs of all time. It was the second single released from the band’s third album, ‘Shabooh Shoobah.’ Although the band was formed five years earlier and they had released many singles, ‘Don’t Change’ was considered their first international single. This song has since been covered by many other artists, including Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Goo Goo Dolls, AFI, and The Audreys.

2. Need You Tonight (1987)


The first single released from the album ‘Kick’ was ‘Need You Tonight.’ It topped the Billboard Hot 100, reached number two in the UK and Canada, and peaked at number three in Australia and New Zealand. The song has a famous riff, and Andrew Farriss claims it popped into his head while he was waiting for a cab to go to the airport for a trip to Hong Kong. He asked the cab driver to wait while he returned to his hotel room to collect something but did not return for an hour as he recorded the riff.

1. Suicide Blonde (1990)


In terms of commercial success, the best INXS song of all time is ‘Suicide Blonde,’ which was released in 1990. Although it only reached number two in Australia, it topped the charts in Canada and New Zealand. Furthermore, it was a number one hit on the Mainstream Rock chart in the United States. ‘Suicide Blonde’ was the first single released from the album’ X.’

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