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Austin Powers

Austin Powers International Man of Mystery, the first installment in the Austin Powers series was released in 1997. Mike Myers wrote the film as well as starred as the titular character. The rest of the cast was also stellar, Elizabeth Hurley plays one of Powers’ love interests Vanessa Kensington and Seth Green plays Dr. Evil. According to IMDB, the shushing scene between Myers and Green was improvised. Alongside those, and other cast performances, the movie has a great soundtrack. In one of the songs, Myers even commissioned for the film. This is a ranking of all the songs from the Austin Powers Soundtrack.

17. Call Me – The Mike Flowers Pops


There’s no easy way to say this, Vanessa is completely out of Austin Powers league. Moviegoers will hear this song when the International Man of Mystery is trying to captivate her by making the round bed spin. I doubt the answer is yes to his iconic question.

16. The Look of Love – Susanna Hoffs


There is another Burt Bacharach song later on the list which the timeless performer does. For this song, Hoffs takes on a classic and executes it admirably. Even though there are quite a few covers of the song, this version only appears on The Austin Powers Soundtrack. Another character in the movie is Alotta Fagina. During the scene when Powers waits for her to get changed so they can get into the hot tub this song plays.

15. Female of the Species (Fembot Mix) – Space


The initial inspiration for this song was the frontman, Tommy Scott’s father who didn’t like his son’s style of music. The combination of Latin and Swing music was just hitting a second act in 1996 when this song was released.

14. BBC – Ming Tea


After a movie full of great humor and the incomparable Mike Myers, there isn’t a lot more you can do to make it a great movie. However, if you wait for the credits and listen to this song, it may be sweeter. The group’s leader is none other than the International Man of Mystery himself. While on Saturday Night Live, Myers started the group with Susanna Hoffs and Matthew Sweet.

13. Soul Bossa Nova – Quincy Jones


This song is used during the chase scene when Austin Powers is being chased through London streets during the 1960s.

12. Austin Powers – Wondermints


Before Mike Myers chose Soul Bossa Nova as the theme song for the movie, he asked the Wondermints to write this song. After changing directions, then it remained in the film but for only a short scene. It’s the backdrop when Austin and Vanessa are taking off in his jet.

11. Austin’s Theme – James Taylor Quartet


This group is also known as JTQ and was formed in 1985. The primary genres of music are jazz and so they added an authentic sound to the swinging sixties vibe of the movie. Aside from adding a track to this soundtrack, they also did the theme from Starsky and Hutch.

10. Carnival – The Cardigans


The song was initially the second single from the group’s album Life released in 1995. It was also the first of the group’s songs where Nina Persson, the Swedish band’s lead singer received a songwriting credit.

9. Mas Que Nada – Sergio Mendes


The song was originally recorded by Jorge Ben in 1936. Mendes recorded his cover in 1966 which quickly became one of the greatest songs. Rolling Stone named it one of the top five Latin songs of all time. It plays when Austin and Vanessa land in Las Vegas.

8. The “Shag-adelic” Austin Powers – George S. Clinton


There are many unexpected things in the movie and George Clinton doing the film score is certainly one of them. The lead vocalist for Parliament Funkadelic puts a wonderful spin on the music he built his career on when he composed this score.

7. The Magic Piper (of love) – Edwyn Collins


Austin Powers fancies himself a lady’s man and somehow, despite how ridiculous he looks he has that certain je ne sais quoi. So, it’s only natural that a song celebrating a lady’s man would wind up on the Austin Powers Soundtrack.

6. The Book Lovers – Broadcast


Austin Powers is a character rooted in mod London and because of this, he looks even more out of place in other decades adding to the zaniness of the film. Broadcast’s lilting song caters to the otherworldly feel you have when looking at that period in London.

5. These Days – Luxury


If you’ve noticed throughout this list, the entire Austin Powers Soundtrack was a win and this song is no exception. So, even if you’re ready to get up and stretch your legs give it a couple of extra minutes so you can hear this song at the end of the movie.

4. You Showed Me – The Lightning Seeds


One of the things that Austin and Vanessa do together is play twister. If it weren’t Austin Powers, it might seem more strange it led to a hot tub encounter afterward. Nonetheless, the sequence is fun to watch and You Showed Me is a good addition to the scene’s backdrop.

3. Incense and Peppermints – Strawberry Alarm Clock


Mrs. Kensington was Austin Powers’, original partner. Mimi Rogers plays the character in the movie and holds her ground well next to Mike Myers. You’ll hear Strawberry Alarm Clock’s tune during the scene when Austin Powers and Mrs. Kensington are dancing.

2. What The World Needs Now Is Love – Burt Bacharach and The Posies


Burt Bacharach makes a cameo in the movie to sing to Austin and Vanessa over dinner. After the singer performs The Beautiful Blue Danube Waltzes by Johann Strauss he goes straight into this number.

1. I Touch Myself – The Divinyls


You can’t reread the meaning of this song. The lyrics certainly fit the randy theme of the movie. There is one slightly deeper meaning you can take from the lyrics, self-confidence. Either way, if you look at this song it fits the movie soundtrack.

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