The Five Best Songs from Bad Company’s “Holy Water”

Bad Company

“Bad Company” released their ninth album “Holy Water” in 1990. “Holy Water” was also the third album that they released with Brian Howe before he died. The English hard rock band, which was formed in Albury, Surrey has been active in the music industry since 1973. Most of the songs in the album were written by Terry Thomas and Brian Howe. “Holy Water” is one of their most successful albums of all times. According to an article published on AP News’ website, “Holy Water” attained platinum status after the band sold more than one million copies of the album in 1990. Below is a list of the five best songs from Bad Company’s “Holy Water.”

5. Boys Cry Tough


“Boys Cry Tough” is the longest song on the album. It also carries a deep meaning and addresses the risky behaviors that men engage in because they believe that they are tough and indestructible. The song tells a story of a man named “Bobby” who is constantly engaging in risky behaviors. He ends up dead and his girlfriend who is waiting for him sees the police car outside her home at 2 am. The blue blinking lights of the police car represents the police’s arrival at her home to give her the bad news about “Bobby” death. “Boys Cry Tough” has the same quality as the rest of the songs included in this album but its lyrics and the story they share with listeners makes it a deeply emotional song. The storytelling nature of this song seems to mimic the works of Bon Jovi since Bon Jovi’s “Tommy and Gina” song has the same feel.

4. Fearless


The beginning of this song embodies its “Fearless” title. “Fearless” begins on a high note with the lead singer bellowing his voice in a manner that seems to call unto the attention of listeners. It is among the shortest songs in the album but carries the same weight as the other songs. Among the songs in the album, it has one of the best guitar works. The lyrics and overall flow of the song make the song easy to remember, especially the chorus, which is characterized by the repeated mentioning of the words fearless. In general, it is a nice song to chill and listen to and can even be incorporated into a workout playlist. It could be a good motivation song for a workout session.

3. Walk Through Fire


“Walk Through Water” begins with a combination of great guitar and drum works. It is also characterized by the strong and versatile vocals of the lead singer, Brian Howe. When compared to the other songs in the album it has a chilled and relaxed vibe. It is another example of melodic rock. Its essence seems to mimics the vibe of “If You Needed Someone.” The band managed to retain the tone and the mood of the song from the beginning to the end. “Walk Through Fire” illustrates Bad Company’s talent in producing melodic songs that tug at their fans heartstrings. The song peaked at number 28 on the top 100 hot rock songs on the Billboard top 100 charts when it was first released. After listening to it, it deserved to be ranked much higher. Although the band has released many songs over time, “Walk Through Fire” remains to be an all-time favorite for most fans, who have been listening to the band since they started recording their music.

2. Holy Water


“Holy Water” is characterized by Brian Howe’s energetic and diverse vocals. His vocals are accompanied by backup vocals that resemble those commonly seen in gospel music. The beats of the songs are characteristic of hard rock music. “Holy Water” was number 89 on the top 100 rock songs when it was released. It was number one in the album-oriented rock listing and retained its position for two weeks. The lyrics of the song and its general composition depict the workings of a mature band. The guitar and riff of the song are also top-notch. The combination of Brian Howe’s high vocals, the pounding drums, and guitar work explains why this song was on the radio during the 1990s.

1. If You Needed Somebody


This was the biggest hit in the album. The song starts with an acoustic guitar followed by emotional heartfelt singing that is characteristic of most love songs. The tempo of the song and its overall mood picks up as the song continues. It is an emotional song that seems to be dedicated to a lover. The overall mood of the song also aligns with some of the other songs that were produced during the 1990s. This song was in the top 40 songs in both the rock and pop chart when it was released. It was number 16 when it was released and reached number 2 shortly thereafter. People’s fascination with the song seemed to be the band’s ability to combine strong heartfelt emotion with perfect vocals, and a general 1990s rock and roll feel. It is still considered the number one song in the “Holy Water” album by the band’s fans. An article published on Entertainment that eulogized Brian Howe, acknowledge his contribution in making “If You Needed Somebody” one of the greatest songs in the “Holy Water” album.


“Holy Water,” was one of the biggest hit album produced by Bad Company. The album illustrates the band’s diversity and their ability to create quality rock music. In this album, the band has combined storytelling techniques, melodies, borrowed the choir-like style of gospel music, and also incorporated some classic rock vibes in the songs. The uniqueness of each song makes it easy for fans to listen and appreciate the work that went into creating each piece. The band members combined skills in the development of this album can be felt when listening to the songs. The success of the album was seen through the different songs that appeared on top music charts and the reception of the fans.

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