Foo Fighters Performs ”Times Like These” on the Celebrating America

The American rock band Foo Fighters performs on the Celebrating America which was special organized for Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration on TV. The band performed with one of their old track ”Times Like These” that belongs to 2002.

At the organization or among the performances, there were also other familiar famous faces like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Bruce Springsteen, and New Radicals to participate in the celebration.

The band’s frontman Dave Grohl dedicated the rendition of their old track to “All of our unshakeable teachers that continue to enlighten our nation’s kids every day.”

“This year, our teachers were faced with unprecedented challenges, but through dedication and creativity, they faced those challenges head-on. ”

He also added: “We can’t just make ‘Pretender’ and ‘Best of You’ and ‘Learn to Fly’ over and over again – and we found it.”

At the beginning of the performance, he titled some of the teachers. Grohl mentioned his mother (Virginia) and the new first lady (Jill Biden) who are also teachers coming from trades. Also, he didn’t forget to mention one of the teachers (Mackenzie Adams) whose online educational videos are viral on the internet. Those were the meaningful part of it all for everybody. You can watch the performance down below!

The band’s tenth studio album ”Medicine at Midnight” will release on February 5. This will make fans excited. Foo Fighters also already shared the three tracks from that: Waiting on a War, No Son of Mine and, Shame Shame.

Don’t forget a glance at one of our posts on the band’s track ”Waiting on a War”. He had mentioned the story behind the track and what he talks with his daughter about wars. The band first appeared with the track on the famous show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on January 15. You can watch the official music video of ”Waiting on a War” below!

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