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Michael Buble

Michael Buble is a Canadian singer-songwriter who has managed to become an international success. For proof, look no further than the fact that he has sold more than 75 million records so far, a number that will presumably rise even higher in the times to come because his career is continuing strong. Generally speaking, Buble is considered to have released eight studio albums, though this excludes a couple of studio albums that were released before he was signed to a major record label.

8. Michael Buble


Buble had his big break when he performed “Mack the Knife” at the wedding of former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney’s daughter Caroline. Thanks to that, he got the chance to make his self-titled debut with a major record label. Unfortunately, said process doesn’t seem to have been particularly pleasant for him, not least because he had minimal say over important matters. Moreover, Buble wasn’t very popular in the place where it was made but was instead popular in other regions such as Australia, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Still, it was enough of a success for the singer-songwriter to continue making music.

7. Christmas


Unsurprisingly, Christmas was a Christmas album. It is one of the better releases of its kind that can be found out there. However, Christmas nonetheless loses points because it consists of covers and one concealed original, meaning that it shows next-to-none of Buble’s songwriting skills. Still, if people are interested in some festive music for a festive season, they could do much worse than this studio album.

6. Love


Love is Buble’s most recent studio album. For a time, there was a real chance that it wouldn’t be made at all. After all, Buble put his career on hold when his son Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer, with the result that Buble outright considered never returning to music for a time. Fortunately, Buble’s son has come out of the experience fine. As for Love, it is worth listening to on the whole, particularly for people who enjoy romantic music because it is sometimes said to be the singer-songwriter’s most romantic record released so far. However, it isn’t quite capable of competing with the best of Buble’s best.

5. To Be Loved


To Be Loved came out in 2013, thus making it Buble’s sixth studio album with a major record label. It was quite good because it combined his consistently excellent vocals with a considerable degree of musical diversity. However, Buble has mentioned that he struggled with its making, so much so that he was never 100 percent comfortable with the finished result. Unfortunately, the signs of that struggle show up from time to time on this release.

4. Crazy Love


Buble has stated that he made Crazy Love in a different way from his earlier releases. Essentially, he was much more introspective on this one. As such, Buble was able to apply what he believes to be true to each of its songs, thus making them autobiographical in a very real sense. Thanks to that, Crazy Love’s songs are imbued with real emotion, which presumably contributed to the record’s overall success. As for the extent of that success, well, it is worth checking out a couple of facts. One, Crazy Love claimed the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Two, Crazy Love went multi-platinum in numerous markets, meaning that it had millions and millions of sales.

3. Nobody but Me


Nobody but Me would be the seventh studio album that Buble has released through a major record label. As such, it is no exaggeration to say that it came out at a particularly high point in his career, seeing as how it was preceded by Crazy Love. There are plenty of artists who would have slipped up while facing so much pressure to make something great. However, Buble apparently had a very smooth time making Nobody but Me, particularly since he and his band had a lot of fun along the way. Similarly, the contents of the studio album are also smooth, which is remarkable considering the variation of the songs.

2. It’s Time


As mentioned earlier, Buble’s first studio album released through a major record label was what one might call a complicated success. On the one hand, it kept his career alive; on the other hand, it was successful in unexpected places, which must have been an interesting experience. Fortunately, the follow-up It’s Time was much more straightforward in this regard. There were those who didn’t like the record very much because they thought that Buble was incapable of matching the greats who once did the songs that he covered. However, it seems safe to say that a lot of people thought otherwise because It’s Time did very well in a commercial sense. This can be seen in how the studio album went triple-platinum in the United States, which isn’t even mentioning how it went platinum in eleven other countries.

1. Call Me Irresponsible


After It’s Time, Buble made Call Me Irresponsible. This was a time when he started feeling more confident as a songwriter, as shown by how the release included some of his own work. Apparently, Buble was receiving some pushback in this regard even at this point in his career, as shown by his story about an executive who outright stated that he would have hired songwriters if he had known that Buble was going to include some of Buble’s own songs. However, it seems safe to say that Buble was the one laughing in the end. This is because said incident happened after the shooting for the music video for “Everywhere,” which contributed much to the momentum that enabled the studio album to go either platinum or multi-platinum in eight countries. Something that paved the way for everything that followed afterwards.

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