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Dave Grohl Says New Directions for New FOO FIGHTERS Album

Dave Grohl talked in his latest interview about new directions for the upcoming and new FOO FIGHTERS album. Their new album “Medicine at Midnight,” also coming in 2021.

This upcoming and new album follow-up for the FOO FIGHTERS latest “Concrete and Gold” album. Which also released in 2017. They also already released the first single ‘Shame Shame’ of the upcoming album. Dave Grohl explains the new directions for this new album and says, “We Can’t Just Make ‘Pretender’ Over & Over Again. It sounds like KISS was playing an ABBA song.”

In this new interview with WMMR, Dave Grohl reveals how they decided and create a new style for that album:

“Instead of just making the same record over and over again… Over the years, we’ve kind of delved into the gentle acoustic territory. But then we also went to the super crazy, noisy punk-rock stuff. And then we’ve done the three- or four-minute-long sort of bubblegum rock song stuff… But then I was, you know, we all grew up loving David Bowie and The Stones. And I love funk and disco, and as a drummer, I love a good slamming groove, that’s the kind of stuff that I really, really enjoy.

We never really sort of moved into that kind of territory, but instead of making some weird funk-rock record – let’s make an album that people can dance to in a stadium, a big rock record that will make people shake their butts. We haven’t done that yet, so then when we went in to make a record, the first song we recorded was the song called ‘Making a Fire,’ and it really does have kind of have this old sort of Sly & The Family Stone vibe to it, except for the guitars and giant choruses.

“So I thought, ‘OK, cool, man, we’re moving in this direction we’ve never explored before.’ We recorded a couple more songs, they sort of sounded like Foo Fighters songs, and then we recorded the ‘Shame Shame’ song. It’s basically a simple drum beat with an overdub of these like finger-snap clapping things. And then we put a vocal and guitars and bass and keyboards, the string section thing.

“We recorded it in a day, and by the end of the day I was like, ‘This is unlike anything we’ve ever done.’ I’ve never really sung a song in that falsetto range, we’ve never had something with this rolling sort of trance-like groove. And it made us turn the wheel in that direction, so it’s a very standout song on the record. The rest of the record doesn’t necessarily sound like this. But it is indicative of us sort of finding some kind of growth or progress that we have another 25 years as a band.

“We can’t just make ‘Pretender’ and ‘Best of You’ and ‘Learn to Fly’ over and over again – and we found it.”

You can also watch the FOO FIGHTERS latest single ‘Shame Shame‘ music video below!

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