The 10 Best Eddy Raven Songs of All-Time

Eddy Raven is an American country singer-songwriter. He got his start in the early 1960s. However, Raven saw his greatest successes from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s when he released not one, not two, but six number-one singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. As such, people should check out his discography if they are interested in country music from the latter part of the 20th century.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Eddy Raven songs ever released:

10. “Island”

“Island” came out in 1990. It reached the number 10 position on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. As such, “Island” was the last time Eddy Raven scored a Top 40 hit. This song is more than deserving of that honor because of the superb execution of its concept.

9. “Who Do You Know in California”

“Who Do You Know in California” is the second single from Raven’s fourth studio album. The lyrics make more sense when interested individuals realize the narrator has been cheating on his wife. As such, everything is starting to unravel because she now knows something is deeply wrong, even though she has yet to make an accusation. That said, one of the neat things about the song is that it never resolves the situation, meaning interested individuals are left to forever think about how things will proceed from that point.

8. “Sooner or Later”

Raven released numerous covers. Furthermore, he was very successful in this regard, thus making it clear he could offer interested individuals something different from the originals. One excellent example is “Sooner or Later,” which was first performed by the Forester Sisters.

7. “Dealin’ with the Devil”

The idea of a wayward man being redeemed by the love of an upstanding woman is a country music cliche. Still, “Dealin’ with the Devil” stands out by being one of the finer songs built upon that framework. Some of the lyrics make it very easy to produce a dark and depressing interpretation of the song. After all, sleep doesn’t necessarily mean sleep. Sometimes, it is an euphemism for a more permanent sort of parting. If that is the case in this song, it takes on a very different meaning.

6. “Operator, Operator”

“Operator, Operator” is another cover song that rose high on the relevant charts. Specifically, it became a Top Ten hit in the United States and Canada in 1985. Those curious should know Raven’s version of “Operator, Operator” shows strong Caribbean influence, thus differentiating it from its predecessors. As for the title, it makes more sense when people remember that phone operators used to play an important role in keeping phone systems running smoothly. Nowadays, they are still around. However, phone operators have become much less important than before, as shown by how they now number in the thousands rather than the hundreds of thousands.

5. “Right-Hand Man”

This was the title track of the studio album of the same name. It never managed to reach the top of the charts. Even so, it came very close, seeing as it peaked at the number three position. It is natural to feel sympathetic for the narrator because he feels he has been cheated by the woman he loves. That said, one can’t help but suspect he wasn’t entirely blameless in the matter. He didn’t want to get married. Meanwhile, his lover did, seeing as she was willing to accept someone else’s wedding ring. Once again, this is one of those songs that are fun to think about precisely because they don’t have a clear resolution.

4. “Joe Knows How to Live”

“Joe Knows How to Live” is one of Raven’s six songs that reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It has a rather ambiguous message. On the one hand, the way the title character lives his life resonates with the narrator; on the other hand, there are blatant hints that Joe’s sweet life won’t last forever. For example, it is more or less stated that he did something that could get him fired. Similarly, he cheated on his wife so publicly that every one of his co-workers knows about it. Speaking bluntly, it isn’t hard to imagine that being the lead-up to a story about someone destroying their private and professional life in a single go.

3. “Sometimes a Lady”

“Sometimes a Lady” is very much the kind of song someone besotted might sing about the woman who has managed to catch their eye. That said, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as shown by how it reached the number three position in the United States in 1986.

2. “I’m Gonna Get You”

“I’m Gonna Get You” is the kind of song that might sound offputting coming from the wrong voice. Fortunately, Raven managed to sell the intended message, thus enabling it to come off as charming more than anything else. Plus, “I’m Gonna Get You” features the accordion, which is one of those instruments that encourage people to think along positive lines.

1. “I Got Mexico”

If people are asked to name one of Raven’s songs, chances are good they will bring up “I Got Mexico.” This is another of the six songs that reached the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The curious thing is that it came out in 1984, meaning it predated its counterparts from 1987 to 1989 by a notable gap. Regardless, “I Got Mexico” is a soothing song for those feeling stressed and stretched beyond their limitations. That is because it is all about mending oneself by moving to a better place. Something that most people have wanted to do at some point as adults.

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