The 10 Best Ronan Keating Songs of All-Time

Ronan Keating is an Irish singer-songwriter. He rose to prominence by joining Boyzone in the early 1990s. However, he also enjoys a solo career that continues in the present. Besides this, Keating is a radio host, one of several roles he has taken in the entertainment industry.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Ronan Keating songs ever released:

10. “Lost for Words”

“Lost for Words” is a bit unusual. That isn’t because of its message. This is far from being the first song in which the narrator struggles to express his emotions using words. Instead, “Lost for Words” stands out because it has more of a pop-rock sound, thus enabling Keating to show some of his range.

9. “Breathe”

“Breathe” is the kind of song that can sound pretentious coming from a younger artist. Fortunately, Keating released it in 2016, meaning he was a time-tested veteran. The song details how the narrator’s significant other has changed him for the better. Chances are good interested individuals can guess that “Breathe” drew considerable inspiration from Keating’s personal life.

8. “Father and Son”

The original version of “Father and Son” came out when Yusuf Islam was still called Cat Stevens. It is a conversation in which a father and a son disagree on the right course of action. Stevens first imagined the song in the context of the Russian Revolution, though it is nonspecific enough to fit into a wide range of other settings. Of course, “Father and Son” is also something special for Keating. After all, he sang the song when he auditioned for Boyzone, meaning it was a significant step in how he got started on his way.

7. “Lovin’ Each Day”

Unsurprisingly, Keating has released a considerable number of love songs. This is an excellent example in which he sings about making the most of a romantic relationship. The topic is not a new one, but it is executed well enough to earn a spot on this list.

6. “Last Thing on My Mind”

Keating teamed up with LeAnn Rimes for “Last Thing on My Mind” in 2003. It sees the narrator realizing that his romantic relationship ended because he and his significant other drifted apart. However, he doesn’t let her go. Instead, he makes a last-ditch attempt to keep their romantic relationship going because he is convinced that his life will be miserable without her. These are not novel sentiments. Still, Keating and Rimes performed the song well enough to reach the number-five position in the United Kingdom.

5. “Fires”

“Fires” is the title track of the studio album of the same name. For those curious, the song is about the pain of being separated from loved ones. The good thing is that “Fires” isn’t describing a permanent situation because the gap between the narrator and his significant other seems to be at least as physical as it is metaphorical. Due to this, there is hope that the two will be reunited. Indeed, the song is named thus because the narrator sings about lighting beacons in the darkness for his significant other to find their way home.

4. “This I Promise You”

Anyone can pledge eternal love. The issue is doing so convincingly. Keating is quite good at love songs, which makes sense considering he got his start in a boy band. As such, “This I Promise You” is one of the better songs of its kind.

3. “Life Is a Rollercoaster”

“Life Is a Rollercoaster” does a surprisingly good job of describing the narrator’s romantic relationship. It is unpredictable, but it is unpredictable in a way that is enjoyable for him. Due to this, it is no wonder that the narrator advocates just going along with the ride rather than trying to make it something it isn’t. There is a certain nonchalance that sells the song. For proof, look no further than it hitting the top of the charts in the United Kingdom and Ireland while becoming a Top Ten hit in several other countries.

2. “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” originated as a Garth Brooks song. Since then, it has become a popular choice for cover artists. Even so, Keating’s version is one of the best-known, not least because it reached the number-one position in the United Kingdom and the number-three position in Ireland. The song is a love song, though it isn’t a conventional one.

That is because it is about the relationship between a father and a daughter rather than the relationship between a pair of lovers. Still, the lyrics are nonspecific enough for interested individuals to interpret them in other ways, even though they make the most sense in the original context.

Regardless, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” is an excellent reminder that no one can predict the future with perfect certainty. Under those circumstances, it makes sense for people to make sure their loved ones know how they feel, thus ensuring that they won’t be left with any regrets in this regard should something unfortunate happen.

1. “When You Say Nothing at All”

Keating released “When You Say Nothing at All” in 1999. That was when he got started as a solo artist, so interested individuals shouldn’t be surprised to learn that this was his first single as such. As it turned out, “When You Say Nothing at All” also became his most successful song to date. It went number one in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Moreover, the song was certified double-platinum in the former country, which was incredible because platinum starts at 600,000 copies for that market.

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