The 10 Best Blanco Brown Songs of All-Time

Blanco Brown is one of those singer-songwriters who have earned notable reputations for themselves as record producers. He grew up in Atlanta, where he became very familiar with hip-hop.

However, he spent the summers visiting his grandmother in the much smaller city of Butler, where he became very familiar with country music. As a result, Brown is both a rapper and a country musician, though he manages to bring the two genres together in what seems like a seamless union.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Blanco Brown songs of all time:

10. “Georgia Power”

“Georgia Power” comes from Brown’s debut album Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs. It is a post-breakup song. However, “Georgia Power” doesn’t express a sense of grief so much as a sense of relief that a troubled relationship has come to a close. The lyrics make it clear that the viewpoint character was hurt. Still, he will be fine in the long run.

9. “Tn Whiskey”

Speaking of which, “Tn Whiskey” is another song about a troubled relationship. There are a couple of critical differences between it and its counterpart. First, the relationship seems to be in the process of collapsing rather than post-collapse. Second, the viewpoint character doesn’t seem to dislike his soon-to-be ex quite as much as his counterpart does his ex.

He uses descriptions that suggest they are just two very different people who can’t quite cross the gulf between them. Even so, there is none of the blatant hostility shown in “Georgia Power.”

8. “Ghett Ol Memories”

Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs is a very personal release for Brown. Listeners might not be able to relate to his experiences. However, they should have no problem connecting with the sentiments behind those stories. As such, “Ghett Ol Memories” possesses more than enough power to move the heart.

7. “CountryTime”

“CountryTime” is one more song from Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs. It influenced the Netflix show Ginny & Georgia, centered on a mother and daughter seeking a fresh start far from their previous location.

The show creator Sarah Lampert said she took inspiration from how the song blended country and other musical genres while remaining upbeat. Indeed, she even played it for the other people working on the show, hoping they would take the same things she did from it. Brown mentioned how touched he was, stating that he wanted to work harder because of it.

6. “I’ll Never”

“I’ll Never” came out in January 2023. It is a much happier song than the relationship-focused songs mentioned earlier on this list. That is because “I’ll Never” is a love ballad in which the viewpoint character expresses his undying love for his significant other. The song isn’t quite what most people expect from Brown. Despite that, he executed it well enough for it to earn this spot on this list.

5. “Nobody’s More Country”

Brown doesn’t quite fit the stereotypical image of the country musician. Something that has presumably influenced how people have treated him. As a result, it isn’t hard to see why Brown would release something like “Nobody’s More Country,” which serves to shore up his credentials in this regard.

The song is precisely what interested individuals would expect it to be, which is to say, a boast about the breadth of his experience combined with a statement of his love for the country way of life.

4. “Do Si Do”

It seems reasonable to say that Brown is best known for his collaborations. For instance, consider “Do Si Do” from Chapter 1: Snake Oil. That album’s cover bears the name Thomas Wesley, though interested individuals might be more familiar with that person under his professional name Diplo. Regardless, every song on the album featured vocals from different artists. Brown was the one who provided the vocals for “Do Si Do.”

3. “High Horse”

“High Horse” is the product of another collaboration. Specifically, it came out on Nelly’s Heartland, which perhaps unsurprisingly, was more country-flavored than most of the man’s body of work. Brown was one of the two other artists who contributed to the song. The third individual was Breland, another musician who draws from country rap, R&B, and more. The result was unusual but surprisingly enjoyable.

2. “Just the Way”

Parmalee is a country music band that has been around since the turn of the millennium. As a result, For You from 2019 was their seventh album. On it was the song “Just the Way,” which featured Brown’s vocals. It didn’t have the most original message, though it did have something worth saying.

For those curious, “Just the Way” encourages people to be true to themselves while loving who they are. Something that has been said many times but needs to be said many times more. Regardless, the song made it to the number 31 position on the Billboard Hot 100. Moreover, it was a Top 3 hit on the country charts in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

1. “The Git Up”

If people know Brown because of a single song, chances are good that it is his debut single, “The Git Up.” That is because he filmed himself line-dancing to the song, which went viral in 2019. Thanks to that, “The Git Up” received a sizable shot of momentum, thus enabling it to secure several important honors.

For example, it was number 14 on the Billboard Hot 100. Similarly, it was a Top 10 hit in several countries. On top of these things, “The Git Up” went platinum in the United States, Canada, and Australia, meaning it sold multiple millions of copies. So far, the song remains the most successful of Brown’s singles by a considerable margin. Only time can tell whether it will be surpassed.

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