The 10 Best Method Man Songs of All-Time

Clifford Smith Jr., who you might know as Method Man, had a rough upbringing. Still, he once said he never liked talking about his childhood to avoid people feeling sorry for him. So, he found solace in music, and the collective Wu-Tang Clan became his family.

After signing a record deal as a group, the label still allowed the members to have separate solo projects. Thus, Method Man took his chances and released his debut album. He has since diversified from the music scene, but songs he released in the 1990s are still vivid in the minds of rap lovers. Check out the best Method Man songs of all time.

10. Sweet Love – Featuring Cappadonna and Street Life

These rappers had gone out of their way to write one of the dirtiest songs ever. The lyrics are so dirty that they have been censored, but even though they rap creatively, anyone who understands the intricacies of intimacy will get the message. It may not be the dirtiest song to ever be released since there are others like “World’s Dirtiest Song” by Bird and Macdonald and “Sit on My Face” by Wheeler Walker Jr.

9. Cradle Rock – Featuring Lisa Lopes & Booster

Notorious Classics opines that “Cradle Rock” is among the top five best Lopes collaborations. The author wrote that while Method Man raps in poetic bragging, Lopes concludes the song with loads of positivity. However, not everyone thinks this is a great song.

In a 1998 rap review, the author, DJ Fatboy, wrote that while the beat was outstanding and Method Man delivered as always, Lopes does not add any value to the song. It is a matter of opinion as the song is still one of the most viewed on YouTube.

8. Meth vs. Chef – Featuring Raekwon

Raekwon and Method Man set out to know who is the best rapper in a friendly competition. Therefore, this song is a miniature battle to prove who is better. Raekwon explained that they are exceptional rappers but still believes he is the greatest. Still, he acknowledged Method Man’s clever way with words.

7. What The Blood Clot

The song title is enough to tell you that when Method Man wrote the lyrics, he was furious. He disclosed that he wrote “What The Blood Clot” on the airplane. He had argued with Wu-Tang about something, and it got on his nerves so much that the only way he could get some relief was to throw jabs at the Wu-Tang Clan.

Thus, he confessed he was referencing his team in the lyrics, throwing daggers at them throughout the song. The rapper said he was playing the radio on the airplane, yet he was not supposed to do that, but nobody dared complain. He penned the lyrics as he listened to Eric Sermon’s “No Pressure.”

6. How High – Featuring Redman

Method Man revealed to Complex that this song came to him and Redman while they were traveling. The musician said that he was inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” to write the first line. He remembered how people appear like they are blowing a kiss when puffing out smoke from weed. The song began with a hook then for three weeks, the musicians brainstormed until the rhymes and everything else was ready.

5. Release Yo’Delf

This is one of the songs in Method Man’s debut album “Tical.” He appears to be making a statement about how powerful he would be in the music industry. He talks of people in the industry being petrified as soon as he enters the music scene and says their careers would not be lasting long. Method Man constantly refers to himself as Tical in the song, a nickname that stuck with him throughout his career.

4. Got To Have It

There is nothing with dreaming big, even Bruno Mars said he wanted to be a billionaire and even dreamed of sitting next to Oprah and the Queen. Well, Method man seems to have shared the same dream in this song as he also talks about sitting next to Oprah, on a million-dollar sofa and having a Bentley with a chauffeur.

He goes on to rap about every other thing he wants and has got to have, such as mansions and yachts. Now that his net worth is estimated at at least $14 million, Method Man can have what he once felt was out of reach.

3. Bring The Pain

“Bring The Pain” peaked at No. 4 on Billboard’s Hot Rap Songs after its release in October 1994. It is the first single by Method Man and is part of his debut album “Tical.” It made quite an impression, seeing that even Chris Rock named his second television special after the song.

It was a great decision because Rock’s” Bring The Pain” popularized the comedian and is dubbed one of the finest stand-up comedy performances of all time. Therefore, even Tupac Shakur used an interpolation of the song on his “No More Pain” track.

2. All I Need – Featuring Mary J. Blige

It is amazing what love can do, including inspiring one to write lyrics about the ones they love. According to Cheatsheet, Method Man wrote this song because he missed his girlfriend while on tour. Fortunately, his record label flew her out to visit him and he penned the lyrics. Funny enough, although it became his biggest hit, Method Man had refused to record it but record executive, Lyor Cohen, insisted.

1. Da Rockwilder – Featuring Redman

When Method Man first heard the beats to this song, he fell in love with it and immediately went to work, rapping his verse. On the other hand, Redman was not thrilled about it; he hated the beat so much that it took him a week and a half to write his verse.

Even then, it was still a bit rushed as Method Man’s verse runs a bit longer than Redman’s. Redman’s dislike for the beat resulted in the record being short but Method Man was so captivated that he decided to name it after the producer, Rockwilder.

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