10 Awesome Songs about Babies


Songs about babies vary per culture and traditions. Some kids prefer nursery rhymes because they’re repetitive, while others don’t mind traditional songs describing them. Either way, music influences a child’s development process. According to Open Collections, songs about babies are diverse, but the only thing that makes them equal is the message portrayed. Some artists on this list sing about children as a reminder of how they transitioned into adulthood. Here are ten awesome songs about babies.

10. It Won’t Be Like This For Long- Darius Rucker (2008)


It Won’t Be Like This For Long is a track from Hootie & the Blowfish’s lead vocalist, Darius Rucker, in 2008. It features in the band’s album, Learn to Live. The mid-tempo track unravels a story about a couple who’re first-time parents. Their baby keeps them awake at night, but the wife keeps reminding her husband that it shall get better when the baby grows older. The second verse talks about the baby turning 4. She’s reluctant about going to school, but her teacher reminds her dad that she’ll outgrow the phase. Years fly, and she’s all grown. In an interview, Darius reveals that the song is a revelation of his life and how it relates to everyday couples.

9. Papa Don’t Preach- Madonna (1986)


In Madonna’s third studio album, True Blue is a fantastic track called Papa Don’t Preach. She released the song in 1986 as pop and classical music. It became the fourth single to be ranked number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Also, it performed exceptionally well internationally, ranking number one in the UK and Australia, with fans heaping adoration for the singer’s growth. Despite the song’s success, it has attracted ambiguous interpretations. Some people claim that Madonna encouraged teen pregnancy. Others lauded her for advocating against abortion. Either way, it is a beautiful song that shows how much she valued babies.

8. I Got You- Ciara (2015)



In 2015, Ciara released a song, I Got You, as her fourteenth single for Jackie’s album. She sang it for baby Future Zahid who also appears in the video. The song starts with Ciara humming a lullaby to the baby. The duo separates, marking Ciara’s beginning of the original content. This song is everything a mother should be telling her child. Ciara proclaims her adoration for her baby and vows to protect and cherish her at all times. Her words, “momma’s going to love you all your life,” prove how much she would do anything for her baby.

7. You’re Gonna Be- Reba McEntire (2005)


Country music singer, Reba McEntire, also sang about babies in 2005. Her song, You’re Gonna Be, is the first compilation of her number one hits when she entered showbiz. She sang about babies to mark her 30th anniversary in music. The song is about a first-time mother and her baby, who seems clueless about what awaits her. However, she remains hopeful that everything will work to her advantage, despite her challenges. It’s an excellent song for anyone trying to navigate their career, love life, or relationships with loved ones.

6. The Prayer- Celine Dion (2004)


“Can we touch the shoulder of heaven? Can we unite a sacred lesson? Every child creates a skylight of beauty,” Celine Dion opens her song, The Prayer. She sang it in 2004 alongside Andrea Bocelli, an Italian tenor. The 4:29 track was initially sung in two versions; English by Dion and Italian by Bocelli. According to LinkedIn, songs about babies should be inspiring to make others understand the journey they walked from childhood into adulthood. Dion’s song is the epitome of this proven perspective.

5. (You’re) Having My Baby- Paul Anka and Odia Coates (1974)


In 1974, Paul Anka and Odia Coates came up with a song called (You’re) Having My Baby for his wife and four daughters. The four were in Lake Tahoe at the time. Initially, Anka wanted it to be single during his tour. Surprisingly, Coates was with him during the recording, so Anka suggested that they should collaborate on this song. It paid off because this song ranked number one in 1975.

4. Baby Mine- Alison Krauss (2007)


Baby Mine is a song by Alison Krauss that she released in 2007. It initially came to the limelight in 1941 for Disney’s animated feature, Dumbo, who uses his floppy ears to fly. The person responsible for providing the music was Frank Churchill, but Ned Washington wrote it. It is no surprise that it received a nomination for Best Original Song at the 14th Academy Awards in 1942.

3. Unborn Heart- Dan Hill (1989)


If you’re expecting a baby or know someone who is, a song to ease your journey and uplift your spirits is all you need. Dan Hill’s Unborn Heart talks about a man who’s just received news that he will be a father through his wife. The news makes him excited, and he can’t wait to see his unborn baby. It’s one of those songs you’d want to listen to whenever you think of babies.

2. Sweetest Devotion- Adele (2015)


Sweetest Devotion is another fantastic track about babies. Adele released and dedicated it to her son in 2015. Her previous songs about her breakup and romantic relationship turmoil made people believe that she had lost hope of finding the right person to love her right. But when she had her baby, Angelo, everything changed. You’ll love her voice and powerful penned words in this song.

1. Isn’t She Lovely- Stevie Wonder (1976)


Isn’t She Lovely is a track by Stevie Wonder, released in 1976. The song is his eleventh track from his album, Songs in the Key of Life. Like Adele, Stevie wrote and sang this song for his daughter, Aisha Morris, who he had with his first partner, Yolanda Simmons. Besides having a powerful voice, Wonder is good at playing the piano, which did great justice to this song.


According to Open Collections, children’s songs depict the journey most people walk in to be who they are. Most artists on this list heap praise on babies as the reason we live to fight another die. Others, especially men, proclaim their adoration for babies and their mothers. Listen to these songs to inspire you to greatness.

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