The Top 10 Green Day Songs of All-time

When people think of pop-punk music, Green Day are always in the conversation, and for good reason. For over 30 years the band has been on top of the scene with album after album of hits. Here are the top 10 best Green Day songs of all time.

10. She – Dookie (1994)

She is a love song to a girl named Amanda who educated him on feminism and was his first introduction to activism, something that Billie Joe Armstrong would get involved with. Activism and punk go hand in hand and She is a representation of that, as well as being a highlight of the Dookie album. Once Basket Case finishes, just let the album continue playing to be treated to this punk classic.

9. Longview – Dookie (1994)

Have you ever wondered what depression would sound like as a song? Well, Longview is exactly that. Mike Dirnt has stated that the songs iconic bassline was created during an acid trip, with that being the only part of the song the band could remember the next day.

8. Letterbomb – American Idiot (2004)

A truly underrated song for the band. While many Green Day fans appreciate and love the song, so do Green Day because it regularly shows up in their live sets, including their Hall of Fame inductions, the song does fly under the radar with casual listeners due to it not being a single. Many artists and albums have hidden gems to find, and Letterbomb is definitely Green Day’s.

7. Jesus Of Suburbia – American Idiot (2004)

Have you ever heard a 10-minute pop-punk song? If not, here is one you should check out. Jesus Of Surburbia is Green Day’s version of Rush’s 2112 and is 5 songs moulded into one epic piece of music. Each song is different enough from each other, but put together as one track is where they truly shine. This was a gamble for the band, doing something that is rarely, if ever, seen in the genre, but it paid off in dividends.

6. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams – American Idiot (2004)

Following on directly from Holiday, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams instantly became one of the bands most popular songs of all time and one that you have likely heard on radio or tv even if you didn’t realize it. The Tremelo intro progression immediately captures the attention of the listener before launching into one of the best ballads in the genre.

5. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) – Nimrod (1997)

Every band needs an acoustic ballad, and this is Green Day’s. Primarily featuring Billie Joe with just his acoustic guitar to back him up, the song has remained one of the most highly regarded songs that the band ever recorded and is often the closer to their live shows.

4. Holiday – American Idiot (2004)

The first 4 tracks on American Idiot are all pop-punk masterpieces. As track 3 on the album, Holiday directly follows the epic 10 minute Jesus Of Surburbia and is a great song to rock out too, with one of the best bridge sections the band has ever created. Holiday let the world know that Green Day were back on top form and they haven’t stopped since.

3. American Idiot – American Idiot (2004)

The opening track of the bands comeback of sorts, and what a way to do so. While the band hadn’t dropped off the radar since Dookie, they had lost some level of popularity. American Idiot was originally called Cigarettes and Alcohol but the band had their work stolen and decided to start from scratch. While we will likely never know what the band was working on, we think they made the new choice by starting again because the end result is magic.

2. Basket Case – Dookie (1994)

Perhaps the most well-known song by the band, Basket Case was how millions of people were introduced to the band and what a way to discover a new band. Basket Case is a pop-punk masterpiece in every sense. With a catchy vocal melody about Billie’s mental struggles, blended with a fast-paced pop-punk anthem, Basket Case sums up everything great about Green Day.

1. Welcome To Paradise – Dookie (1994)

While many people would have expected Basket Case to take the top spot, there is something about Welcome To Paradise that hits different. The song is a gritty look at the band as they leave home for the California slums and the weird and wonderful things they encountered. Throughout the song, their outlook changes from being terrified to be there to feeling like it is home and enjoying their surroundings. Welcome To Paradise is not only the best song on Dookie, this is the best song that the band ever penned. The song actually featured on their previous album ‘Kerplunk’, but the Dookie version is a much better recording so listen to that version.

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  1. I personally feel that “going to pasalaqua” and “Christie road” have their place on this list somewhere. But that’s just me. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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