10 Things You Didn’t Know about King Von


At the time of his death is 2020, King Von was one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers from Chicago. His vivid storytelling mixed with his aggressive flow set him apart from many of the other young rappers in the industry. In a very short window of time, King Von proved that he was ready to put in the necessary work to built a bright future. Sadly, he was gunned down in Atlanta just a month after his album was released, and people all over the world were left mourning the 26-year-old rapper. Even though King Von is no longer here, his legacy will live on through his music. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about King Von.

1. He Wasn’t Rapping For Long

Usually, when you hear of a ‘new’ artist, they’ve actually been making music for a long time. That, however, isn’t the case with King Von. He isn’t someone who always saw himself becoming a rapper and he didn’t even start making music until around 2018. His first mixtape, Grandson, Vol. 1, was released in 2019.

2. He Was A Father

For the most part, King Von was quiet about his personal life so there isn’t too much known about him outside of his music. However, one thing he was open about was the fact that he was a proud father. King Von was determined to be an actor father in his kids’ lives and it’s sad that he was taken from them.

3. He Had Some Trouble With The Law

King Von grew up on O Block which is one of the most dangerous blocks in all of Chicago. By the time he was a teenager, he found himself having consistent run ints with the law. While talking to Passion Weiss, King Von said, “I was locked up a lot of times. The last gig, I was locked up on a case of third [degree aggravated battery]. Before that I was locked up for three and a half years. I beat my case and got out. Before that, I was locked up for fifteen months, and then before that, I was locked up for fourteen months. I was locked up for different periods of time throughout my life. It started when I was 16, that’s when I started going to jail.”

4. His Father Died When King Von Was Young

One of the reasons King Von is so passionate about being a good father is the fact that he essentially grew up without one. Von’s father, Walter, was in and out of jail since King Von was born. Sadly, Watler was shot and killed when King Von was just 11-years-old.

5. He Was A Lebron James Fan

King Von may not have been an athlete, but he loved to watch basketball. He told Passion Weiss, ” Lebron’s the dawg. He’s built from scratch; he knows what the fuck is going on. No matter where he goes, he’s going to make that shit happen. We know Lebron’s name. Fool goes crazy – all-around best player in the NBA.”

6. He Liked To Read

Some people may look at King Von and assume that he wasn’t the kind of person who was interested in books, but that’s exactly why you should never judge a book by its cover. King Von actually loved to read and he especially enjoyed urban romance novels. When he was in jail, he liked to pass the time by reading books.

7. He Didn’t Want To Rap Forever

There are a lot of rappers who are determined to rap until they just can’t anymore, but that was never a part of King Von’s plan. To him, making music was basically just a means to an end. His goal was to rap just long enough to make money he could used to live off of and invest.

8. He Wrote A Book

King Von didn’t just like to read, he also liked to write. In an interview with XXL, King Von revealed that he actually wrote a book when he was a little kid. He said, “I wrote a book. I got a book I wrote when I was a kid. When I was 9. It was just a school project so they made it a hardcover. It’s at my mama’s house. I wrote a book about going to the store.” At some point, he planned to write a ‘real’ book.

9. He Met Chief Keef As A Kid

It’s no secret that King Von and Chief Keef were good friends, however, most people probably thought they met in the industry. In reality, however, they’d known each other much longer than that. Chief Keef and King Von both grew up on O-Block and they met when they were around 13.

10, He Loved Giving Back To The Community

People can say whatever they want about King Von, but one thing they’ll never be able to say is that he didn’t care about the community. After he really started to see some success, he made it a point to go back to Chicago and hand money out to people in his neighborhood.

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