10 Things You Didn’t Know about Big30

Rap music has undergone a lot of changes over the last decade, and there is now a new generation of rappers hoping to help carry the genre for another 10 years. Big30 is one of them, and he’s well on his way to becoming a star. While he hasn’t achieved a lot of mainstream success yet, Big30 is already earning the respect of people in the industry and he’s built a solid fan base. Even though he hasn’t released much music, his raw and authentic style has proven that they have the power to draw people in. As the anticipation builds for his debut album, Big30 is hoping that his name will one day be mentioned among the legends. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Big30.

1. He Is A Tennessee Native

Tennessee is a state with a long musical history. Although there was once a time when that history mainly included blues and country and blues music, rap has become a big part of the state as well. Big30, who was born and raised in Memphis, is proud to be a part of that.

2. He Has Had Some Legal Issues

Things may be going well for BIG30 now, but there was once a time when things weren’t looking so good. He’s had some run-ins with the law over the years including an incident in 2020 when he was arrested in Alabama. According to reports, BIG30 was found with a loaded gun and drugs.

3. He Has Big Goals For Himself

Even though Big30’s career is just getting started, he’s already thinking about what he sees for himself in the future. When asked about what he hopes to achieve next, Big30 told XXL, “Grammy winner. I’ma be the next platinum-selling artist or something like that. Millionaire to $10 million.”

4. He Had A Little Beef With Gucci Mane

Rap may not technically be a sport, but a lot of people in the industry treat it like one. Needless to say, things can get pretty competitive which can result in tense situations between rappers. In the summer of 2020, Big30 found himself in one of those situations with Gucci Mane. Apparently, Gucci felt like Big30 was clout chasing for posting a photo that made it look like they were friends when Gucci insisted they’d only met once. Fortunately, the situation was quickly deaded and the two appeared on a song together.

5. He Is A Private Person

Being an entertainer may seem like a fun and exciting career, but lots of celebrities have expressed that it’s actually very invasive. While some people don’t mind sharing their lives and constantly being in the public eye, Big30 appears to be a private person who enjoys keeping his personal life to himself.

6. He Loves Cars

Music is definitely Big30’s main focus at the moment, but it’s definitely not the only thing he loves. When asked about things he enjoys outside of music, Big30 told XXL, “I really like driving a lot. I’m interested in fast cars, doing donuts or whatever.” Maybe one day we’ll see him incorporate this into his music and/or visuals.

7. He Is A Father

When it comes to leaving a legacy, Big30 doesn’t only have himself to think about. He’s also trying to lay a strong foundation for the next generation. We know that Big30 is a father of two, but he hasn’t shared any information about his children or their mother. Chances are, though, that both of his kids are very young.

8. A Friend Inspired Him To Start Rapping

Big30 didn’t grow up wanting to be a rapper, and he also never planned on leaving Tennessee. However, all of that changed when he realized there was a chance he could do something big. This encouragement came from a close friend who suggested that he take rap seriously.

9. He Loves Fashion

Big30 doesn’t just want to sound good, he wants to look good as well. In addition to loving expensive jewelry, he also loves nice clothes and he has the confidence to pull off a variety of looks. It’ll be interesting to see Big30’s style continue to unfold as he moves further along in his career.

10. He Wasn’t Nervous About Performing At Rolling Loud

Getting the chance to perform at the Rolling Loud music festival was one of the biggest moments in Big30’s career so far. Surprisingly, though, he didn’t feel any nerves before getting on stage or during his set. Instead, he was motivated by the crowd and he felt that everything aligned perfectly in that moment.

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