10 Things You Didn’t Know about 2 Milly

2 Milly

Are you familiar with rap artist 2 Milly? Aside from the fact that he released a song called Milly Rock in 2015, you may not be well aware of a lot of other details about him. It’s fun to learn details about song releases and other things, but it’s even more fun to learn what genuinely makes a person tick. Why do they get excited enough to get out of bed in the morning and pursue their chosen career? What moves an individual outside of their professional endeavors? If you want to know more about 2 Milly, here are 10 interesting things about the rap music star that you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

1. He’s immensely proud of his native Brooklyn

2 Milly has stated that he loves Brooklyn on a number of occasions. Like so many other people that are from Brooklyn, he has an innate sense of pride about the place. He’s always willing to talk about it and is usually the first one to bring it up in conversations. He wants people to know that he’s from Brooklyn. Furthermore, he wants to keep a part of his neighborhood in all of the music that he creates. That is precisely why his music to date has a distinctly Brooklyn flair.

2. He’s also well aware that the neighborhood he loves has its issues

While he positively loves his neighborhood, he doesn’t look at things through rose-colored glasses. In reality, he knows that his neighborhood has more than its fair share of issues. For the most part, they are the same issues that can be found virtually everywhere else, those related to poverty, crime and a lack of opportunities for some individuals while providing seemingly endless opportunities for others. It’s something that he hopes to change for the better as he gains a bigger platform as a rapper.

3. He created the song Milly Rock from a popular dance

Creating songs from popular dances seems to be the norm in and around Brooklyn. As a result, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that this is exactly what he did with his now famous hit Milly Rock. As far as he’s concerned, he is merely honoring those who came before him, paying homage to people like Bobby Shmurda.

4. He ended up releasing that song on social media

When he released his song in 2015, he put it on social media platforms like YouTube. That is fairly commonplace today, but it wasn’t quite as popular back when he did it. In fact, most people achieved record labels through more traditional means back then. It was considered quite the enterprising thing to release a song on social media and expect anything to come of it, but that is exactly what he did. More importantly, the song went viral. He released it at the beginning of the summer of 2015. By the end of that summer, more than a million people had seen the video.

5. He remembers where he came from

He doesn’t forget the people that he has spent the majority of his life with. As such, he remembers the people that he grew up with and those that he has played with before he reached this level of fame. He tends to bring those people with him as he gains even more popularity.

6. 2 Milly is not his actual name

You probably had that one figured out already. After all, 2 Milly isn’t exactly a proper birth name, is it? It’s not at all uncommon for rappers and hip-hop artists to change their name. In this particular case, he created his stage name based on popular dance moves from his native Brooklyn. His given name is Terrance Furguson. He felt that his given name wouldn’t get enough attention, so he created the stage name 2 Milly.

7. His single has been played millions of times

The same track he released back in 2015, Milly Rock, has reached a significant milestone on Spotify. In fact, it has been listened to over 25 million times on this particular platform alone.

8. He was recently arrested

He got arrested on gun charges and spent a few days on Rikers Island this past summer. He says it was the single most demoralizing thing he has ever been through. Opening up about his experiences there, he said that people were crammed into cells like sardines and there was no light or air conditioning. He also said that hours would pass before anyone would even come around to check on the prisoners. According to him, animals are often treated better.

9. He also has empathy for prison guards

While he was definitely not a fan of his time on Rikers Island, he says that he has a great deal of empathy for those who are tasked with guarding the prisoners there. He says that the conditions are just as appalling for them and that they have far more prisoners than guards. He says he wouldn’t be willing to do the job, regardless of how much someone might be willing to pay him. According to him, it is a dehumanizing experience for both the prisoners and the guards. Sadly, he says that Rikers Island is a place where there is very little hope, no matter which side of the law one is on.

10. He’s engaged with a lawsuit over a dance in Fortnite

He is currently in the midst of a lawsuit with video game developed Epic over a dance in Fortnite. According to the lawsuit he filed, the dance moves are a direct representation of Milly Rock. He also claims that the dance was used without his permission. On the other hand, Epic claims that there is no basis for the lawsuit. They have publicly urged him to drop it, saying that any similarities between the dance that appears in Fortnite and the one he created are purely accidental.

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