10 Things You Didn’t Know about Westside Gunn

Best known for being part of the hip-hop group Griselda, Westside Gunn is one of the most widely respected rappers in the game. His raw style and witty word play are undeniable and he’s proven that he can jump on any beat and body it. On top of the work he’s done with Griselda, Westside Gunn has also released several solo projects. Along the way, he has also gotten to work with some of the biggest artists in the game. Even though he’s already been in the industry for more than 15 years, Westside Gunn doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. He has a lot to offer the world and he’s excited to let it show. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Westside Gunn.

1. He’s From Buffalo

Most people probably assume that Westside Gunn is from New York City, but that isn’t the case. While he is from New York State, he’s from Buffalo which is over over six hours away from the city. During an interview with Office Magazine, Westside Gunn said, “Being from Buffalo, we’d always gotten the shitty end of the stick. Nobody came to ever check for us.”

2. His Brother Is A Rapper

Westside Gunn isn’t the only person in his family who has some serious skills in the booth. His half-brother, Conway The Machine, is a talented rapper and so is their cousin, Benny the Butcher. Benny and Conway are also members of Griselda. Sadly, Conway was shot in 2012 which left one side of his face paralyzed. Despite the tragic incident, he has continued to make music.

3. He Loves Fashion

Westside Gunn is best known for his music, but fashion is also something he’s very passionate about. He’s been into style his entire life. When he was younger, he even started a business selling jerseys to his classmates. Now, he’s made his way into the world of high fashion. He’s even gotten to chance to work with Virgil Abloh, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton.

4. He Considers Himself An Artist

Most people would probably consider Westside Gunn to be a rapper, but he likes to think of himself as an artist. While talking to Complex, Westside Gunn said, “I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist, bro. So, it’s totally different: the way I approach shit, the way I think.”

5. He Wishes He Would’ve Waited To Sign His Deal With Shady

In 2017, Westside Gunn signed to Eminem’s record label, Shady Records. While getting a deal is the goal for a lot of artists, it also comes with its downsides. Westside Gunn told Passion of the Weiss, “I wish I would’ve done Shady maybe, like, two years after I did. For a while, most people probably didn’t notice, but some people were like, “Ever since they signed they haven’t been making shit.” That shit was bothering me. I was just following protocol.” That being said, however, Westside Gunn doesn’t regret doing the deal.

6. A Teacher Told Him He Would Never Amount To Anything

There are lots of rappers who claim to have had a teacher tell them they would never be anything in life, but this really happened to Westside Gunn. In his interview with Office Magazine, he shared that a teacher once shoved him up against a locker and told him he was a bad person.

7. He Loves Connecting With People Through His Music

Entertainment is one of the biggest parts of making music, but it’s not always the most important thing for Westside Gunn. He loves that music gives him the opportunity to connect with others. Thanks to his talent, he has been able to reach people all over the world.

8. He Chooses His Collaborators Based On The Beat

Collaboration has always been a big part of hip-hop, and Westside Gunn is no stranger to working with other artists. When he’s trying to decide who he wants to be on a song with him, he always starts be listening to the beat. When he hears the best, he can tell which artists would sound good on it.

9. He’s Had Trouble With The Law

Before things really took off with Westside Gunn’s rap career, things in his life weren’t always easy. Although there isn’t much information out there about his run ins with the law, he has been open about the fact that he has served time in a federal prison although it’s unclear how much time he served.

10. Westside Gunn Isn’t Just A Character To Him

There are lots of people in the music industry who aren’t who they claim to be in their music. Once they step in the booth and get on stage, they assume a different persona. However, that’s not the case for Westside Gunn. He prides himself in being a genuine person who always keeps it real.

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