10 Things You Didn’t Know about Angel Vivaldi

Angel Vivaldi is a New Jersey-based progressive metal guitarist, composer, producer, environmentalist, and philanthropist. The career of Antonio Vivaldi defies music industry logic. For example, In 2011, He worked on Universal Language with producer Will Putney. It uses a four EP suite. Its two music videos, A Mercurian Summer and A Martian Winter, went viral, ushering in a major new talent for many guitar fans. Vivaldi didn’t tour at the time, and he didn’t travel for several years after that. Vext approached him, and he recorded and performed on the band’s debut EP, Impermanence. When the band was offered a recording contract, he left, claiming he wasn’t ready to be tied down to a label for any reason. He became a member of the metal band I Legion. In 2012, they released their debut album, Beyond Darkness. He continued to release albums and post videos, including the five-track Away with Words, Pt. 1 in 2014, with all of the songs titled In Morse Code.

The same year, Vivaldi and Scale the Summit’s Chris Letchford co-hosted a live broadcast called Shred for ALS to raise funds for ALS research. He began formally touring as a headliner in early 2015, performing in cities across the United States and Canada with the Algorithm. He traveled extensively for the rest of the year. In 2015, a cover version of Joe Satriani’s Crystal Planet featuring Dan Sugarman was also released. Its video went viral as well, with over a million views. Vivaldi’s continued membership in I Legion resulted in the release of Pleiona, the group’s sophomore effort. The Speed of Dark: Revisited by Antonio Vivaldi was released in 2016, with the entire set re-recorded, leaving the original in the dust. Synapse, Vivaldi’s ninth album, was released in October of 2017. The album’s lead single, “Adrenaline,” featured guitarist Julian Cifuentes (Sleepless Empire) as a special guest. These are ten facts about Angel Vivaldi that you probably didn’t know.

1. Understand what you love

One of Vivaldi’s core beliefs is that you should always play to your strengths. According to wired guitarist, he talked about knowing what he did well and where he could improve. Furthermore, he is constantly learning new things in order to provide his audience with a better show experience. He looks at the stage as a blank canvas and learns how to do the lights for his performances..

2. Conceptualize

Vivaldi enjoys concept albums among many other things. He considers himself to be a highly visual person, so He ensures that every aspect of the album corresponds with Its thought. On his album Synapse, he wanted to connect with many complex emotions and use colors to do so. As a result, he painted his studio green and began writing songs inspired by the color.

3. Early inspirations

One of the first songs that inspired Vivaldi was Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover. According to outburn, he talked about the experience. The introduction to the song was before there were music streaming services. His neighbor introduced him to the song, and Vivaldi felt like his whole trajectory changed. He had been writing instrumental guitar music but didn’t think it would be popular. However, Johnson’s work sparked his career.

4. Valuing artistry

Even though Vivaldi has been recording music for several decades, He maintains a constant passion because He knows his writing is for himself as a way of self-expression. He feels that making music for a living is one of the greatest gifts he’s been given In life.

5. Words to his fans

According to Lady Deviant, Vivaldi talked about his thoughts on life. During the interview, He said, “if you want a short music career, follow trends. If you want longevity, then go against the grain and constantly reinvent yourself. Additionally, He spoke about writing music for yourself first. He closed his thoughts with a wish for everyone to have compassion.

6. Philanthropist

Vivaldi has worked with Jemfest In Orlando, Florida. This event is for Steve Vai’s Make a Noise Foundation. The organization works to raise money for music scholarships and contributions to Music Cares for addiction recovery.

7. Early influences

Even though Eric Johnson’s album helped him chart his career course, Vivaldi’s primary influence on guitar is the late Kurt Cobain. According to Metalhead Zone, another influence is Michael Jackson since every part of his performance was on a large scale. Besides these two influences, Vivaldi also draws inspiration from Nine Inch Nails Tori Amos and Bjork.

8. Starting point

When Vivaldi was younger, He was encouraged to pursue anything except music. Additionally, his parents disapproved of the types of music He enjoyed. His first guitar was one his friend gave him that was almost beyond repair. However, He taught himself to play. Later, his uncle gave him his first guitar. Once He was performing with a band, his family started to warm up to the idea of him making music.

9. Musicians to follow

According to AFGM’s blog, Vivaldi thinks that up-and-coming musicians have the best advantages alongside some significant disadvantages. He feels that many people try to imitate who they love, so they are quickly forgotten. However, if they step outside their comfort zone, there is such an immense amount of technology and social media, they have more avenues to pursue their dreams.

10. Don’t isolate

Vivaldi feels that the many musicians take back much-needed power from the record labels but still don’t work together. He believes too many people are finding their love of playing the guitar but not grouping as musicians. Even though there are many more places for artists to collaborate online, there is still a massive disconnect. People need to begin to fill by coming together for the music and not just celebrating being guitarists. Music is not only a gift but an opportunity to be part of a community.

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