10 Things You Didn’t Know about Big Gipp

Big Gipp

Are you familiar with Cameron Gipp, more commonly known as Big Gipp? Maybe you already know that he’s a rap artist, but is that where your knowledge of him comes to an end? If it is, you might want to read 10 things about him that you probably didn’t know until right now. You’re sure to find some of it interesting.

1. He’s a founding member of Goodie Mob

Along with a number of other rap artists, he is a founding member of the group. According to him, it all happened easily enough. Coming from an area like Atlanta, he was already familiar with a number of other rap artists. At one point, they all got together and decided that it would be better for all of their careers to combine their talents and work as a team in order to put their material out there. Clearly, it was a decision that paid off.

2. He’s also an accomplished solo artist

Despite the fact that he’s very good working with a group, he’s definitely got a career as a solo artist. He’s already released an album and he’s currently working on another one. He says that one of the things he loves most about his solo material is that he gets to do different things than he does when he’s with a group. On his solo albums, it’s more about the things that are personal to him and how all those feelings are reflected in his music.

3. He performs as part of a duo, too

Always one to stay busy, he’s also part of a duo. When he’s not performing with the group or working on a solo album in the studio, you can find him performing in this capacity. Once, when someone asked him about his propensity to perform with so many different hip hop groups as well as holding on to a solo career, he commented that he likes to stay busy and do what he loves to do, play music. He also said that he’s extremely passionate about his career and that being active in so many different veins of music gives him an opportunity to pursue that passion at the highest level.

4. He has friends in high places

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that someone with his level of talent would have well-known friends who work in the same industry. In this particular case, he and rap artist Nelly have been friends for some time.

5. He’s proud of his native Atlanta

He certainly isn’t the first rap artist to come from Atlanta. In fact, he’s one of many. That said, he is also extremely proud of the place he calls home, even though things are far from perfect there. Although he’s quick to point out the fact that Atlanta definitely has its fair share of problems, he’s just as quick to remind everyone that there are also good qualities about the place where he grew up. He’s proud of those qualities. More importantly, he’s proud of the people that he grew up with. He says that these individuals have genuinely known hardship and many of them have found a way to pull themselves out of the darkness with very little help at all, if any.

6. He’s also not afraid to call people out

While he’s happy to sing the praises of some people in his native Atlanta, he’s also not afraid to call people out when he feels the need to do so. As such, he involves politics quite a lot in his lyrics. He feels like the system has let the people in his neighborhood down and there are countless numbers of individuals across the country that are in exactly the same situation. He hopes that he can use his music as a platform to hold people accountable when necessary.

7. He tells real-life stories through his music

One of the ways that he accomplishes this is to tell real-life stories through his music. He simply talks about the things that he experienced while growing up in Atlanta. He talks about the hardships and the difficulties associated with living there, about not having enough money, and about living in an area that was riddled with crime. He also talks about losing people that are close to him because of drugs, gangs and drive-by shootings.

8. He has a daughter

He had a daughter back in 1996. It’s not something that a lot of people know about him because he has a tendency to keep that part of his private life behind closed doors. However, he has said in the past that he hopes he was able to give her a better future than he had as a child.

9. He and the guys from Goodie Mob once had a falling out

Unfortunately, everybody has disagreements from time to time. Even when people get along very well, they will eventually find something they don’t agree about if they spend enough time together. That is essentially what happened with him and the rest of the group from Goodie Mob. They didn’t always see eye-to-eye when it came to creating the type of music that each member wanted to create. As such, he left the group for a time, but has since returned.

10. He uses social media to promote his work

He routinely takes to social media in order to promote his work. As such, it isn’t at all uncommon to see him talking about working on a new project in the studio, mentioning a new video that is about to come out, or even promoting new merchandise on social media sites like Facebook. He isn’t quite as active on all social media accounts as he is on Facebook, but he does have an Instagram account. In short, he uses the accounts that he feels will be most effective in connecting him with his particular audience, something that is very important to him.

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