10 Things You Didn’t Know about Frank Hannon

Frank Hannon of Tesla

Surely you’re familiar with Frank Hannon, the lead guitarist for the band Tesla, not to be confused with Elon Musk’s Tesla car. If you listen to their music, then you already know he has a lot of talent. However, you might not know as many things about him from a more personal stance. If you want to learn more, consider these 10 things that are listed below.

1. He does a lot more than just play the guitar

You might know him best as someone who plays the guitar, but he actually does a lot more. He is a very musically inclined individual. As such, he also tries his hand at both the drums and lead vocals from time to time. He may not perform in that capacity with Tesla, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t quite talented across the board when it comes to his music.

2. He loves all forms of music

He’s always quick to point out that he loves all forms of music, not just the rock and roll that the band he founded has become so famous for. His own playlist is quite eclectic in nature. By the same token, he’s been known to perform a number of songs that most people probably wouldn’t expect him to have any interest in performing.

3. He’s quite an accomplished solo artist

If you have any doubts about his interest in various forms of music, all you have to do is listen to one of his various solo albums. In them, you will find all different forms in music. In some cases, he performs a different take on songs that have been around for ages and in other cases, the music that he performs is all original. Either way, it’s interesting. It’s also something that allows you to see a different side of him as compared to his work with Tesla.

4. He’s a family man

Perhaps the only thing that he is more passionate about than playing music is his love for his family. He and his wife have been together for some time and he is always quick to point out how close they are. He loves spending time with her. As a matter of fact, he says that the only bad thing about touring is being away from her when the two of them can’t be on the road together. Aside from that, he says he wouldn’t change a thing.

5. He actively mentors up-and-coming artists

He dedicates a great deal of his time to mentoring up-and-coming artists, something that relatively few well-established stars do. He vividly remembers how difficult it was for him to get started in the music business and what he had to go through in order to become a success. He wants to help mentor other individuals so that they don’t have to go through the same types of things that he did.

6. He loves to ride horses

He has loved horses for the majority of his life. For a number of years, he has been riding almost every second that he could find time to do so. In fact, he and his wife own a number of horses. This allows them to ride whenever they have the time to do so and it affords them the luxury of spending time together doing something that they are both genuinely interested in.

7. He and his wife have built a life around their horses

As it turns out, his interest in riding horses isn’t just a passing interest after all. As a matter of fact, both he and his wife have gone on the competitive circuit for a number of years, with cutting horses. They’re both quite talented in their own right and it’s something that they enjoy doing together. When he’s not touring with his band, this also gives him the ability to travel with her for an entirely different reason. It gives them something to look forward to and it keeps things interesting so that they can focus on things other than music.

8. He likes craft beer- a lot

One of his favorite things is craft beer, especially when that beer has been handcrafted by friends of his specifically for him. Anyone that has ever doubted his enjoyment of it only has to take a quick look at his social media pages in order to be reminded of this fact. He has long commented that one of his favorite things to do is to drink craft beer that is unique to his desires alone, something that isn’t readily available on the shelves of any store.

9. He has his own podcast

As part of his desire to mentor other artists, he also has his own podcast, something that he publishes himself. It is one more way that he can put his own advice out there for a larger audience. While he makes a desire to personally mentor everyone that he can, he was always worried that certain people would fall through the cracks. The creation of his podcast gives him the ability to mentor other people, albeit indirectly. It also gives him a platform from which to speak about things that are important to him.

10. He’s making his way back from a COVID diagnosis

Many fans grew worried when he missed a couple of performance dates with Tesla back in the early part of August. Adding to their worries was the fact that there was very little information coming from him or anyone personally near him. In fact, there was no information at all that was being put forth. Unfortunately, he had come down with COVID and was suffering some fairly extreme symptoms ranging from fever and chills to difficulty breathing. Eventually, he made a post about it on one of his social media pages, reassuring fans that he would be back on tour as soon as it was safe to do so. At the moment, a lot of performance dates have been postponed because he and several members of the band and crew were diagnosed with it. Fortunately, he seems to be doing much better now.

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  1. Animals-I believe he loves all animals. I feed feral cats in “our” community-I know he has taken in one or two-and of course Patrick the dog, who just wandered onto (into) his property-checked for chip-was none-Lucky Patrick does this dog know how he lucked out.
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