The 10 Best NLE Choppa Songs of All-Time

At just 18, Bryson Lashun Potts, also known as NLE Choppa, formerly known as YNR Choppa has proven that he can take over the internet! This undeniably southern gent hails from Memphis, Tennessee. He is known for his energized rapping style and videos featuring his favorite lady, his momma. At first listen it may appear as though NLE is just another street rapper, but if you take a look at his catalogue as a whole, and consider his age, Choppa is wise beyond his years.  In 2019 his single “Shotta Flow” catapulted him to certified platinum. This charismatic southern playboy unapologetically says what he says, and says it like he means it. Here are the top ten best NLE Choppa Songs of All Time.

10. Blocc is Hot


This beat slaps and NLE Choppa just doesn’t stop dancing! One thing about NLE Choppa is he gonna’ be his own hype man! The Blocc is Hot, is a tribute to NLE’s childhood favorite rapper Lil Wayne who has an album titled “Tha Block Is Hot”. The song can stand alone without the backstory as something worth listening to, and the video does not disappoint.

9. Go Stupid – POLO G & Stunna Vegas featuring NLE Choppa


It’s hard not to like any song with the Mike Will Made-It or Tay Keith tag in the intro and this quick bop is no different. Resembling sounds of the early 2000’s Young Money, the beat is fire! Polo G, Stunna Vegas, and NLE are the rambunctious tres amigos that combine to create a new school bop.

8. Camelot


Camelot is the second highest charting song by NLE Choppa. Camelot was produced by FreshDuzIt and the Music Video was directed by Cole Bennet. This video leveled up the track,  NLE Choppa dances to his own drum, and cannot be interrupted, Nothing is low-key about this track or Choppa. Similar to “Shotta Flow” Choppa has no shame in calling out all of his haters on this street track.

7. Dreams Birdman and Juvenile featuring NLE Choppa


NLE Choppa grew up in Memphis listening to Cash Money Records and Lil Wayne. Choppa’s dreams become reality on this track with Birdman and Juvenile. The beat is perfect for Juvenile, he can’t do any wrong over any guitar trap type beat. Choppa comes into his verse with a nostalgic tone, “remember when,” as he reflects on his childhood aspirations. NLE Choppa believes in the power of visualization, the way he confidently hops on a track with a legend like Juvi makes it hard to think this collaboration was anything less than destiny. Even Birdman, who usually lays back for the cameo, or says just a line or two to blesses the into and outro actually spit a couple of bars.

6. Narrow Road feat Lil Baby


In Narrow Road NLE sheds light on gang life and the life altering decisions young people have to face in order to survive. Choppa speaks on being in compromising positions and not being strong enough or able to get himself out. As he mentions sometimes we need a hand, and he’s thankful he got some help when he needed it most. NLE Choppa called on the Big Homie Lil Baby to get it done.

5. Shotta Flow featuring Blueface


The Lyrical Lemonade Cole Bennett directed video for Shotta Flow, reached 10 million views in just a few days. After its release, Shotta Flow hit the Billboard Hot 100. As expected, the video has major silly vibes and tons of energy. Blueface and NLE Choppa are a duo that makes it hard to look away.

4. Birdboy


A simple 808 trap beat is just what NLE Choppa needed to showcase his turnt up vocals. Choppa displays infinite flow change-ups without missing a beat. The video shows NLE in is most natural state, ALL THE WAY TURNT UP. Birdboy is a track known to his core following, they would say it’s one of his most slept on.

3. Walk Em Down featuring Roddy Ricch


NLE Choppa and Roddy Ricch linked via instagram to come up with Walk em Down. This hook is bound to get stuck in your head, not to mention a fire verse from Roddy Rich. Walk em down is a Billboard approved certified banger.

2. Final Warning


The latest pitched 808 banger from NLE Choppa is worth the listen. Not to be overlooked, he barely cusses during the nearly 3 minute track. “Never send a threat on the internet just to prove a point,” they’re subtle but NLE Choppa drops gems.

1. Bryson


Not what you might expect, but definitely what you need from NLE Choppa! Bryson, a single off of From Dark to Light, highlights NLE’s path to enlightenment. In the song Choppa touches on his upbringing, his past, and the greatness he expects for his future. For someone whose only 18, he gets super deep, with content spanning from his faith to his veganism. This track is just a window into the potential depth of content that is to come from NLE Choppa in the future.

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