10 Things You Didn’t Know about Flo Milli

The last couple of years have been really big for Flo Milli, and in 2020 she established herself as one of the hottest newcomers in the game with the release of her debut mixtape, Ho, Why Is You Here? The project was the perfect display of Flo Milli’s talent and creativity, and she has captivated music fans of all ages. Her confident attitude and no nonsense lyrics are a match made in hip-hop heaven. In a genre that has always been dominated by men, Flo Milli is proud to remind everyone that the ladies can put on, too. Although she’s yet to release her debut album, there are a lot of people looking forward to hearing what she does next. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Flo Milli.

1. She’s From Alabama

Alabama probably isn’t a place that comes to mind when most people think of rap music, but there are actually lots of talented artists from the state and Flo Milli is one of them. She was born and raised in Mobile which is a relatively small city on the coast line.

2. She Started Writing Songs In Elementary School

Most elementary school kids have probably never even heard of songwriting, but Flo Milli definitely wasn’t like the other kids her age. She was only nine years old when she wrote her first song, and she started rapping by the time she was 11. Needless to say, Flo Milli isn’t as new to the game as some people may think.

3. She Worked Lots Of Odd Jobs

Trying to build a career in the arts isn’t easy, and lots of creative people often find themselves working random jobs until they’re able to survive off of their art. Flo Milli is no exception. She worked a series of jobs before her career took off including babysitting and working at a movie theater.

4. She Always Knew She Was Going To Blow Up

There are lots of people whose success came as somewhat of a surprise to them, but not Flo Milli. Deep down she always knew that her dream of being a famous rapper was going to come true some day. Now she can officially say that she’s living one of her wildest dreams, but she still has a lot that she wants to accomplish.

5. She Dropped Out Of College

At one point in time, Flo Milli decided to take the traditional path and enroll in college. She was studying business but eventually decided to leave school to pursue her rap career and she ultimately ended up getting a record deal. It’s unclear what school she went to or how long she attended.

6. She Likes Her Privacy

If you’re expecting Flo Milli to be the type of rapper who puts all of her business on front street, you’re in for a rude awakening. She is a private person and she’s very selective about the things she chooses to share with the public. Since we’ve all seen how quickly things can go left when people overshare, it’s easy to see why she would prefer to keep things to herself.

7. She Believes In The Power Of Manifestation

“Ask and you shall receive” is one of those sayings that most people probably don’t take seriously. However, Flo Milli truly believe in the power of speaking the things you want into existence. She told Refinery 29, “I’m a big person on manifesting and speaking things into existence, because there very much is a power in the tongue”.

8. She Was In A Rap Group

Flo Milli is a solo artist now and it’s hard to imagine her any other way. However, at one point, she was part of a group. When she was a teenager, she started a rap group called Real & Beautiful which eventually became known as Pink Mafia. It doesn’t appear that the group ever released any official music.

9. She Finds Men Irritating

Annoying situations with men are a recurring theme in Flo Milli’s music, and it’s definitely intentional. When asked if men get on her nerves, Flo Milli told Vogue, “Yes, they do. It’s their pure existence. Sometimes they just don’t know things and don’t understand – that’s annoying. It’s a whole bunch of things. I could write a book on it, to be honest.”

10. She Would Love To Work With Other Southern Rappers

Flo Milli has already gotten the opportunity to work with some very talented artists, but there are a few more she would love to add to the list. During an interview with Complex, she said that she would love to work with southern artists and included names like Mulatto, Da Baby, and Lil Baby on her list.

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