7 Podcasts From Band Members Worth Checking Out

band member podcasts worth checking out Peer Pleasure

Podcasts have been around for what feels like forever now and some of them have been. From band members to anyone else related to the live music scene, there’s a podcast. Several band members decide to fill in their tight schedules with the audio journey to express themselves with their peers. Below we’ve gathered musician talk show podcasts for you in our 7 podcasts from band members.

The Sound of Change

The Sound of Change is the podcast of Senses Fail vocalist Buddy Nelson. Buddy is the only remaining founding member as has been fronting the band since formation in 2001. In the scene so long, it’s only natural for him to host his own podcast it. Buddy has always spoken his mind but in recent years the artist is extremely outspoken. Finally with The Sound of Change Buddy has a chance to exchange opinions with other interesting people within the scene.

Lead Singer Syndrome

Lead Singer Syndrome is a podcast from Silverstein frontman Shane Told where various other vocalists share their experiences together. Every episode the frontman exchanges stories and opinions of the scene. Lead Singer Syndrome also has special episodes called New Noise containing information on upcoming releases.

Ear Candy

Ear Candy is a podcast from The Maine frontman and personality John O’Callaghan. The Maine is a very busy band with an extremely dedicated fan base so a podcast only makes sense for them. Ear Candy is more of a show than a podcast with John O’Callaghan speaking about his personal feelings about past events from his life. Most of the podcasts on our podcasts from band members worth checking out feature guests. However, even a podcast such as Ear Candy with just a host and no guest can provide an incredible amount of insight as the host John O’Callaghan is entirely in charge of what topics get discussed.

The Peer Pleasure Podcast

The Peer Pressure is a podcast started by touring veteran Dewey Halpaus, former member of Portugal. The Man and other well known acts such as Anatomy Of A Ghost. Dewey’s intentions with the podcast are to bring himself and his guest past all of the music and just the humans having various conversations.

100 Words Or Less

100 Words Or Less is a podcast from Taken frontman Ray Harkins, with musicians, artists, and other people the host finds wroth conversing with. Harkins focuses on guests with a heavy DIY perspective to their life, giving listeners a different kind of inside look with people from various industries.

Turned Out A Punk

Vocalist of the band Fucked Up, and host of other media projects, Damian Abraham started Turned Out A Punk in 2014 and has had over 200 guests since. While Turned Out A Punk has had many guests, each episodes focuses on one thing: punk music. The guests may not be directly involved in punk itself but all music within the modern metal and pop-punk scene are inspired by it.

Don’t Shit On The Bus

The hilariously titled podcast, Don’t Shit On The Bus, is hosted by A Day To Remember guitarist Neil Westfall and frequent ADTR photographer Adam Elmakias. Don’t Shit On The Bus focuses specifically on people within the music and touring industries such as crew, artists, and others. The duo talk to everyone from security guards to actors to musicians and every profession that can be found in between.

Each of the podcasts has its own relation to the music industry whether or not it’s in a current band, a previously touring band or being the scenes in a band. Every single person in the industry has a completely different approach to what got them started or what point in their lives punk or another similar music genre inspired them to be who they are today. Each podcast listed above on our list worth checking out from band members are also currently running and have aired episodes recently. While some shows have been running for quite a while, others have less episodes. Number of episodes may vary between these podcasts but the variety in each of them is what makes them special.

All of the podcasts listed above have been provided with a Spotify link and are found on other podcast platforms as well such as on Apple Music or your other favorite music streaming or podcast outlet. If any of the podcasts listed above interest you be sure to follow on them on your platform of choice as well to never miss an episode.

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