All of The Senses Fail Albums Ranked

Senses Fail albums ranked

Senses Fail have been dominating the New Jersey post-hardcore music scene since the formation of the band in 2001. Senses Fail will always be considered post-hardcore but their albums have tapped into other genres as well. The band have created their own unique sound, even with a rotating set of band members outside of Buddy Nielsen. Most recently the band have released a few singles but most notably the band recently re-recorded their debut EP. Below, we’ll go over the band’s albums and see how they compared in our Senses Fail albums ranked list.

7. If There Is Light, It Will Find You

If There Is Light, It Will Find You signifies the band’s current sound and era. This album sees a return to the band’s more pop, melodic rock sounds compared to their more recent hardcore sounds. This album has a unique sound, much like all of their albums, but has a more mellow sound and tone.


6. The Fire

The Fire features a very consistent sound from the band and is very much the perfect chapter of Senses Fail. The cleanest and most notable era of the band is definitely from Still Searching to The Fire. The album showed the band could lighten up on their post-hardcore sound and create and more melodic heavy rock sound. The Fire stands out the least out of the 3, earning its spot on our Senses Fail albums ranked list.


5. Life Is Not A Waiting Room

Life Is Not A Waiting Room features a more melodic heavy rock sound, subtracting the band’s more unpredictable post-hardcore sound. This album is probably the most sing-along loaded album from the band. Senses Fail releases a new landmark sound with each album release, somehow always inventing a new genre within their sound. There is a very clear transition from Still Searching into this album and beyond with The Fire.


4. Renacer

Renacer was a very heavy album, and the first for the band in a while, using very modern elements of hardcore and other similar genres and styles. This album is not only very heavy but it never slows down, also being one of the fastest albums the band has ever recorded. The band also held a track-by-track commentary of the album on Spotify which detail every aspect of Renacer. The intense themes, tones and experimental work from the band earned its placement on our Senses Fail albums ranked list. Below, I’ve included my personal favorite music video from the band, Mi Amor, that truly shows how strange the band is.


3. Pull The Thorns From Your Heart

A further continuation of the sound the the band discovered on Renacer, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart has some softer tones to it but keeps the experimental, newer hardcore sound. While songs like My Fear of an Unlived Life start off with a simple echoed guitar strum that sound like Still Searching, this album overall notes a heavy moment in Senses Fail’s career.


2. Still Searching

Still Searching is the album that shot the band to true stardom with songs featured on countless video games such as Guitar Hero and Burnout Paradise. Possibly the most popular song of all time from Senses Fail, Calling All Cars, is definitely not a song that describes the band’s current sound but is certainly a milestone within their discography. While the album features a more heavy rock, melodic sound most songs on the album are also quite fast and energetic, keeping the songs stuck in fans heads years later.


1. Let It Enfold You

Let It Enfold You is the true debut album from the band, with their 8 track EP being released first with some of the biggest Senses Fail hits to date. This album features some of the most intense screams of any band considered a peer of Senses Fail, making them an immediate standout when this album debuted.


Overall, no matter what sound the band takes they will have always have signature elements that let you know “this is a Senses Fail song and it’s purely us and nobody else”. The mentality of the band has definitely helped lead them to where they are today, one of the earlier band’s to cement themselves in an every growing world of music, especially post-hardcore. Senses Fail have also recently released In Your Absence which features 3 new acoustic style songs and 2 renditions of older songs in the same style.

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