10 Things You Didn’t Know About Mach Hommy

Mach Hommy

Mach Hommy is a rapper and songwriter. He is from Newark, New Jersey. Over the last couple of years, he has gained a lot of popularity because of his music. He is also very popular because of his enigmatic persona and his anonymity. Not a lot is known about Mach Hommy, mostly because he is very private and reclusive. That being said, here are ten things you did not know about Mach Hommy.

1. He is Haitian

Mach Hommy is Haitian. He references Haiti in many of his songs. one of his most popular albums is called HBO, an abbreviation for Haitian Body Odor. The acronym takes the profound insult often hurled at Haitians and turns it into a badge of pride. Hommy is immensely proud of his roots, and most of his tracks can be a testament to this. He wears the totality of his experiences as the child of an immigrant proudly, and it is present in almost all his songs and albums. His most recent album, pray for Haiti, perhaps his most ambitious and definitive project, is a quintessence of this.

2. He is both a rapper and producer

Mach Hommy is both a rapper and producer. Most of his projects are self-produced, which is why his beats and lyrics are so cohesive. Additionally, he also produced for many other artists. He has been the executive producer of a couple of albums and collaborates with the people he produces songs for.

3. He is an underground rapper

Essentially, Mach Hommy can be described as a rapper whose genre is underground rap. Underground rap, fundamentally, is hip hop and rap that isn’t mainstream. Over the last couple of years, it has begun to get some commercial success. Notwithstanding, most of his fans are lovers of true hip-hop.

4. He is independent

Mach Hommy is an independent artist, meaning that he is not signed to any music label whatsoever. It does look like he will stay so for the foreseeable future. Signing to a label has its perks, like getting sufficient marketing and proper tour dates. However, labels also limit the creativity of the artist by confining them to certain rules and regulations.

5. He has worked with a lot of rappers

It should come as no surprise that most of the artists Mach Hommy has collaborated with are also underground rap acts. Some have recently gotten some form of mainstream exposure, but the vast majority are underground hip-hop artists. His most recent project, as mentioned earlier, is Pray For Haiti, which is a collaborative project with Westside Gunn. It is critically acclaimed, with both Westside Gunn and Mach Hommy holding their own in all the tracks. He has also done a lot of work with DJ Muggs, who produced an album called Tuez-Les Tous, which translated to kill them all. Moreover, Hommy is credited as an executive producer on TGIF, an album by Tha God Fahim, and Old Droog’s album Jewelry. Other acts he has worked with include Quelle Chris, The Alchemist, Hus Kingpin, Armand Hammer, Earl Sweatshirt, and Evidence.

6. He is inspired by MF DOOM

Apart from his crafty lines, lyrical flows, and all-out intoxicating songs, the reason why Mach Hommy has gained many fans is that he is reminiscent of the late MF DOOM in so many ways. The most obvious of similarities between the two is that both artists conceal their faces. MF DOOM wore a mask that became well known all around the hip-hop community. Mach Hommy doesn’t wear a mask but uses a bandana instead to conceal his face. Another eerie similarity between the two artists is that they are underground rappers, but their rhyme is very similar. Both have a gritty and gutsy approach to their music, which is intense and thrilling.

7. The pricing of his work

Another reason why Mach Hommy has become so popular is the pricing of his albums. Since he is an independent artist, he can control everything concerning his albums, most importantly the pricing. He charges between 300 and 3000 dollars for his albums. Though the pricing may seem to be off-putting, it actually has the opposite effect. Many people buy his albums, and it is worth every penny because they are masterpieces in their own right.

8. Anonymity and reclusiveness

As mentioned earlier, Mach Hommy covers his face with a bandana, and thus even his face is hidden from publicity. Even in his music, the anonymity and reclusiveness themes reign supreme. Most of the time, he talks about the need to be alone with your own thoughts to foster and maintain originality. These themes, at times, take a darker turn. However, there are some songs he talks about his need to stay alone because he has been so hurt in his life by the people he trusts the most. He makes confesses about his painful past and also references the violence, crime, and desperation he had to endure in the early stages of his life.

9. Paranoia has fueled him to create some of his best music

There are numerous tracks, especially on his album HBO and Pray for Haiti, in which he confesses to having bouts of extreme paranoia, and most of the time, he is anxious about something. Paranoia and anxiety are almost ubiquitous to his music, thus highlighting a deeply rooted lack of trust in his people.

10. Reason behind his so many fans

The main reason why Mach Hommy has been able to get so many fans not only in the united states but also all over the world is that he speaks truths in his music. He doesn’t lie about what he has gone through and is, in fact, very open about it. He can manipulate his painful experiences into creative lyrics and tracks, making his music almost an enigma, as he himself is one. When talking about the times he was almost devoured by the madness around him, and it is easy to see why one might lose hope. However, it is almost certain that the music is not about hopelessness but about the fact that he made it through.

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