10 Things You Didn’t Know about Eddie Hermida

Eddie Hermida

If you are an avid fan of Suicide Silence, you must have been devastated that after Mitch Lucker died, the band did not release any song for four months. You probably thought they had reached the end of the road, but finally, they went back to the studio. Well, that was only because Eddie Hermida joined the band and reignited their passion for music with his amazing vocals. There is not much known about Hermida’s personal life; hence we will focus on his professional life. Here are ten facts to help you learn more about the vocalist.

1. His Audition Song for Suicide Silence

As soon as he was asked by Suicide Silence to join them, Hermida did not think twice about the audition song. He recorded “You Only Live Once”, and it impressed the band so much that they could not wait for him to be a band member. Therefore, immediately they saw how good Hermida was, Suicide Silence called him immediately. The vocalist said that although fans thought he only did a snippet of the song, there is a whole song.

2. He Was Not Sure about Joining Suicide Silence

When Louder interviewed Hermida, he disclosed that he had doubts about joining Suicide Silence. At the time of the recording, Hermida was already in another band, All Shall Pass. He, therefore, asked the members of Suicide Silence to give him time to think about their request. It took Hermida three months, talking to friends and family who encouraged him to go ahead with the move.

3. Why He Feared Joining Suicide Silence

Mitch Lucker was the lead vocalist with Suicide Silence but died following a motorcycle accident. It took the band four months to mourn his passing without recording anything, and they decided to ask Hermida to join them. Once the group recorded a test track, there was no going back because to them, Hermida was the perfect person to step in Lucker’s shoes. Unfortunately, Hermida did not share those thoughts and wondered if he could ever fit in the shoes that Lucker had left behind.

4. He Was Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Verena Ceris revealed on Twitter that she had loved Suicide Silence since she was 13, and their music had helped her through difficult times. However, after Lucker died, she was hesitant to accept Hermida as his replacement but, with time, started to like him. She explained that the vocalist had been following her on Twitter, and she wrote him a letter, telling him how glad she was that he had saved her favorite band from splitting. According to the fan, Hermida wanted them to be discreet. By the time she was 17, Hermida had begun flirting with her, manipulating her to send him nudes while he reciprocated with his own. After the allegations came to light, the singer apologized.

5. He Caused the Band’s Song to be Pulled from a Video Game

Suicide Silence collaborated with Cody Matthew Johnson on “Subhuman,” a song that would be used as the battle theme for Devil May Cry video game series. The video had premiered at Tokyo Game Show before the sexual allegations against Hermida. Capcom pulled the track to save their reputation, saying they would no longer highlight the battle theme for promotional purposes. However, they reassured fans it was temporary as they discussed the best way to move forward.

6. His Vocals were Replaced from the “Devil May Cry” Video Game

Following the sexual allegations, which Hermida apologized for, Capcom decided the best way to resolve was to replace the singer’s vocals instead of punishing the entire bad. Therefore in December 2018, they announced that they wanted the fans’ experience of the game to remain unharmed. The game makers chose to go with Volumes’ vocalist Michael Barr as Hermida’s replacement because they did not want the hard work of the other Suicide Silence members to go to waste. They also updated the credits to reflect the changes.

7. He Believes Musicians Should Not Sellout

As published on Alternative Press, Hermida believes anyone who makes music for anything other than making music is a sellout. He pointed fingers at Thy Art Is Murder, saying that selling their hats with the print “Make Deathcore Great Again” made them sellouts. They were mimicking Trump and using the political gimmick to make more money. According to the vocalist, a band focusing on money instead of making music forgets who they are and only looks for attention.

8. He Expected a Negative Reaction When the Band Released “Suicide Silence.”

Hermida was getting tired of all the love that fans were pouring on him and told Ross Robinson that he wanted to be hated. To the singer, every band at that point sounded the same and was loved for it. So, he tried to set himself apart from the rest by doing something that would awaken the wrath of the band’s audience. He reasoned that with so many people being loved, hatred would be more worthwhile.

9. He Loved “Return of the Jedi” as a Child

The film was released in 1983, the year that Hermida was born, and it became one of his favorites. So much did the singer love it that when he watched it on HBO for the first time, he had his mother stay up until 2 am taping it. The love he had for the movie made him want to watch it continuously until he wore it out. The main thing that attracted the vocalist to the film was that he could identify with Luke Skywalker since they both grew up without their fathers.

10. He Has Tattoos of His Favorite Stars on His legs

Since Hermida fell in love with “Return of the Jedi”, he has been hooked to all the “Star Wars” movies. The singer follows the story and has become so engrossed with the movie stars that he has them tattooed on his left leg. He revealed that his left shin and leg would be dedicated to the Star Wars movies, giving Liam Neeson and Samuel L. Jackson as examples of the actors you can already find on him.

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