Why Beats by the Pound Changed Their Name to “Medicine Men”

In the entertainment industry, names tend to hold a lot of weight. As a result, most people put a lot of thought into what they want to use as a stage name. Once a name is chosen, it’s somewhat rare for it to be changed. Although producers don’t technically spend a lot of time on stages, their names are just as important as artists. So when the Lousiana-based production group Beats by the Pound decided to change their name to The Medicine Men, lots of people were confused. However, what some people failed to realize is that the name change wasn’t just for show, there was a reason behind it. Keep reading to learn more about how Beats by the Pound became The Medicine Men.

Who Are Beats By The Pound AKA The Medicine Men?

In the world of hip-hop, beats, also known as instrumentals, are especially important. The right beat can easily elevate a rapper’s lyrics while the wrong one can make you wish you never pressed play – no matter how talented the rapper is. When Beats by the Pound first broke onto the scene in the 1990s, it was clear that they were something special. The collective was formed by the multi-talented artist, Mo B. Dick and producer KLC. Once they teamed up, they quickly rose to prominence. When discussing where the original name for the group came from, Mo B. Dick told Hip Hop Wired.  “I said, “Let’s become a production team. He [KLC] said, “What are going to call ourselves?” I said, “We produce pounds of beats and they pound, lets call ourselves Beats By the Pound.”

Beats by the Pound became well-known as the in-house production team for No Limit Records. At the time, No Limit was one of the biggest labels in music.

The No Limit Era

During their time working with No Limit, Beats by the Pound would help the label’s founder and lead artist, Master P, sell approximately 30 million records. In fact, Beats by the Pound is responsible for producing some of the label’s biggest hits including “It Ain’t My Fault” and “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!”. Unfortunately, however, good things tend to come to an end and Beats by the Pound’s relationship with No Limit was no exception. By the late 90s, things were headed south and almost all of the members of Beats by the Pound decided that they wanted to part ways with Master P.

Apparently, the end of the relationship was the result of compensation issues and a lack of respect. One of Beats by the Pounds’ members, O’Dell told HipHop DX, “If you had put P [and his reps] in a room with KLC, me, Craig B, Mo B and CLos, that situation probably would’ve got delved out, got solved, would’ve got worked out. All the bad blood would’ve been washed away, right then and there if we had people talk it out. ”

Why Did They Change Their Name?

The reason for Beats by the Pound becoming the Medicine Men is a lot less complicated than most would guess. When Beats by the Pound and No Limit went their separate ways, everyone from Beats by the Pound except for CLos decided to leave the label. Those who left felt it would be best to rebrand themselves, and they began going by the name The Medicine Men. After all, sometimes it’s nice to have a fresh start after a relationship crashes and burns.

After their departure from No Limit, The Medicine Men went on to have a great deal of success. Most would even say that Master P’s music career suffered more The Medicine Men leaving than there’s did. They worked with some very successful rap artists including Mystikal and Snoop Dogg. CLo eventually left No Limit and rejoined the group and the rest of the guys were happy to have him back.

While The Medicine Men have never won any major awards, they have earned the respect of countless people across the industry. Their roster may have changed some over the years, but one thing that’s always been consistent is the creativity and passion for making music that people love. Even if they never get the mainstream attention they deserve, they’re going to continue making music because it’s simply what they love to do. Those who are hoping for a Medicine Men and No Limit reunion might not want to hold their breath, though. At the moment, it’s unclear whether they’ve ever repaired their relationship with Master P.

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