When Will YFN Lucci Get out of Jail?

YFN Lucci

YFN Lucci came into the limelight in 2015 and has become a fast-rising star in Atlanta. So much has he become successful that even Lil Wayne’s daughter, Reginae Carter, has her eye on him. The two have been dating, but Lucci has had too many run-ins with the law prompting the lovebirds to slow down on any progress they were making. Currently, Lucci is in jail for racketeering so let’s see if there is hope for him ever stepping out of his cell any time soon.

Surrendering to Authorities for Racketeering Charges

According to 11 Alive, Lucci turned himself in to the Fulton County Sheriff’s office after being indicted for racketeering. He was one of twelve people indicted of racketeering after being named in a 105-count indictment that targeted the Bloods gang. On May 10, 2021, Lucci turned himself in and has been held at the Fulton County Jail since. However, his lawyer is doing a good job convincing the public and whoever cares to listen that his client is not guilty. Drew Findling, Lucci’s lawyer, said that that the Atlanta rapper was not a gang member. His lyrics are what led him to be associated with a gang. The music video in question is “Shine On,” created in February 2020 and in which authorities claim that the rapper is flashing hand signs associated with the Bloods gang. The clothing, colors, language and lyrics used in the video are also said to promote gang activity. With the District Attorney, Fani Willis, saying that the indictment was among the first to target street gangs, it is clear that Lucci and the other eleven will be used to set an example for the rest. It does not even matter that the indictment charge goes as far back as 2010, but the 2020 music video has only brought negative attention to him. Lucci’s social media posts have also not helped his case, so he landed himself in quite some trouble.

For How Long Could He be in Jail?

Given that the District Attorney said the indictment is one among many to follow, Lucci and the other eleven charged with racketeering could get themselves the maximum sentence. According to Page Pate, if you are convicted in Georgia for racketeering, you can get between 5 and 20 years in prison, a fine or both. The harsh penalty is due to the nature of the crime, which is viewed as part of organized crime, which most states take seriously. Therefore the fine charged is at most $25,000 on each count. However, Lucci could get himself an excellent criminal defense lawyer and not worry about spending 20 years in jail. Some of the defenses used in racketeering charges include the lawyer proving that Lucci did not commit or conspire to commit any criminal activities. He could also argue that Lucci’s actions were not illegal. Whatever the case, let’s wait and see how it turns out, seeing that Lucci had a brush with the law before the racketeering charge.

Not The First Time in Jail

According to AJC, Lucci’s racketeering charge has been rolled into a murder charge against him. In January 2021, the rapper surrendered to the Fulton County Jail hours after releasing “Rolled On.” The authorities were seeking him following the murder of James Adams, a 28-year-old who was shot and killed on December 10, 2020. Once again, Lucci’s lawyer, Findling, came to his rescue, saying that the murder charges would not stick. The lawyer explained that Adams was killed when someone shot at the car Lucci was driving with friends. One of his friends in the backseat returned fire, which resulted in the two parties firing bullets at each other. The passenger, Adams, was killed, and since Lucci was the driver in the other vehicle, he was arrested on murder charges. Fortunately, according to Complex, he was released after posting a $500,000 bond. The money was not the only thing he had to part with but freedom too. As per the terms of his release, the rapper had to wear an ankle monitor. He had to surrender his passport, live in an undisclosed location and always be in that location between 7 pm and 7 am. He was only allowed to leave the area if meeting with legal counsel, seeing his kids, or for medical appointments. Lucci was not under any circumstances to contact victims or witnesses of the murder case or associate with gang members or convicted felons. Even social media was out of bounds for the rapper.

He Can’t Seem to Stay out of Trouble

Despite the release being negotiated to keep the Atlanta rapper from being locked being bars, he still could not stay out of trouble. According to TMZ, Lucci violated the terms of his release by going to a strip club and recording studio. Immediately after being released from jail, Lucci went to a recording studio in Atlanta, which was against the many strict rules. Later on, he went to a strip club and dug a deeper hole for himself because that strip club was the same one where the gang-related shooting surrounding the murder case had happened. Upon being tested for drug use, the tests were positive for marijuana and opiates, adding to the violations. Police also believed that Lucci had tampered with the ankle monitor claiming there is a lot of missing or irregular data for long periods. The prosecutor, therefore, wanted the bond revoked and Lucci back in prison until the murder case had been solved. Should Lucci be found guilty of the murder, he will be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, a death penalty or life imprisonment.

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