Will the Clubhouse Be Available For Android Users Soon?

Since its first launching in March 2020, the drop-in audio chat app Clubhouse has reached over 8 million downloads. Despite the app still remains in invite-only beta and only being currently available on iOS, it keeps growing day by day. In the meanwhile, android users have been asking that, when will the Clubhouse be available also for them too.

Clubhouse’s success has become a widespread trend among all social audio apps. Some high-profile appearances also have helped the app to exceed 2.6 million downloads in the US alone. And also the pandemic is one the biggest effects too, of course. From February 1, it had over 3.5 million global downloads and 8.1 million to Feb 16, 2021. It has also quickly garnered attention in the UK, Germany, Japan, Brazil, and Turkey, too.

Social media platforms have become our greatest tools to stay in touch during those quarantine days, obviously. And being downloaded over 9.6 billion times in 2020 just proves it. Especially Clubhouse has become the strongest proof with its notable success story during those days.

So what will Clubhouse do next?

Clubhouse application also admitted that they have grown faster than they expected. Which actually brings the real question that, when will the Clubhouse open for all? As it grows, more people also want to join but they can’t because of their system, which is actually a little sad. As being one of the Android users, I feel like I’ve been outcasted sometimes. But thankfully, we know that we also will be able to join the social audio platform soon or later. We mostly counting on their words which are “as fast as we can and open it up to everyone soon.”

On the other hand, it seems that Clubhouse hasn’t only affected its users. It also affected trends with competitive social audio apps popping up all over the world. Facebook has reported that they are also beginning to build an audio chat product. It aimed at rivaling Clubhouse, and they are not the only ones to do so as well.

Is Clubhouse coming to Android or not?

Back in July, Clubhouse noted that there was a benefit to growing slowly, as the service can be tuned in the process. It intended to get “robust community policies” in place. And also they wanted to look after user experience features for the likes of safety and inclusion. In October, Clubhouse confirmed it had “gone from a small community of beta testers to a growing network of communities.” We all know it continues to grow exponentially every day, too.

So, after all, Clubhouse has repeated its intention in an update recently. “Opening the app to everyone as fast as possible.” In addition, it also mentioned that the development of an Android app would be starting soon! Even if Clubhouse seems exclusive with its inviting only iOS systems and all, it made it clear that is not the intention. With that news, we might assume there is not much left to get more socialized in Clubhouse with others altogether, hopefully.

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