10 Awesome Songs about Wine


Wine is a timeless fruity alcoholic drink that most people drink for fun or to mark a special event. Some people prefer drinking it on a date, while others don’t mind drinking it as a meal accompaniment. Either way, there are many songs using wine as a metaphor to send a message. According to GooseNeck Vineyards, red wine is credited with positive health benefits like reducing your chances of getting a stroke, compared to teetotalers. Here are ten awesome songs about wine worth your playlist.

10. Strawberry Wine – Deana Carter (1996)


“Strawberry Wine” is a track performed by Deana Carter and written by Matraca Berg and Gary Harrison. Released in 1996, the track is her first debut on her album, “Did I Shave My Legs for This?” The sentimental ballad talks about the country singer’s early life and when she lost her innocence. She compares her love life to the sweetness of strawberry wine. Best line: “I was caught somewhere between a woman and a child when we found love growing wild one restless summer.”

9. Melva’s Wine – Johnny Cash (1972)


“Melva’s wine” is a song written by Vince Matthews and performed by Johnny Cash in 1972 for the album “A Thing Called Love.” The singer talks about his wife, Melva, who made a unique-tasting wine. He always marked the same time his wife made the wine to prove how much he appreciated her efforts. While you might not have had the chance to taste Melva’s wine, Cash’s song will hint at how tasty it was. Best line: “Cause that was last year about this time that Melva made this glass of wine.”

8. Two More Bottles of Wine – Emmylou Harris (1978)


“Two More Bottles of Wine” is a song about wine, performed by Emmylou Harris in 1978. Delbert McClinton wrote the music for her album “Quarter Moon in Ten Cent Town.” The track topped the US country singles charts years after. According to the lyrics, Harris seems to feel lonely after her lover leaves and begs for two more bottles of wine to relive those precious memories she had of him. Best line: “And I got two more bottles of wine.”

7. Wine After Whiskey – Carrie Underwood (2012)


While you can mix wine with whiskey, some experts believe that doing it in moderation is the only way to avoid a hangover. “Wine After Whiskey” by Carrie Underwood is another song supporting this fact. The singer released this song in 2012 to her wine-loving fans. Ironically, she talks about one of her failed relationships and compares it to wine after whiskey. Best line: “Looking back, I guess it was really for the best.”

6. God of Wine – Third Eye Blind (1997)


Third Eye Blind is a famous American band with Stephan Jenkins as the lead singer. The song “God of Wine” in 1997 encouraged people battling alcohol addiction to seek help. In one of his interviews, Jenkins confessed that he understood how difficult it is to turn down a wine offer, particularly if you turn to the bottle to escape your misery. The song is to restore hope for anyone in this predicament. Best line: “The alcohol it permeates, and soon the cells give way.”

5. Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra


“Summer Wine” is another excellent song about wine, performed by Nancy Sinatra. Originally recorded and performed by Lee Hazlewood and Suzi Jane Hokom in late 1966, the song peaked at 49 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The song talks about a man who invites a woman for wine. Unknown to him, the woman is a thief. Despite feeling duped, the man longs for her company and more of her wine. Best line: “And I will give you my summer wine.”

4. Hide The Wine – Carly Pearce


According to Vincarta, wine is another perfect excuse to feel loved. However, it took Carly Pearce to sing “Hide the Wine” to dispute this fact. She talks about her experience with wine as she turned 18 years, considering it was the legal drinking age. Despite the freedom of accessing wine at that age, she believes that going overboard with wine attracts a magnitude of vices. Best line: “Better hide the wine.”

3. Cheap Wine and Cigarettes – Jess Moskaluke (2014)


“Cheap Wine and Cigarettes” by Jess Moskaluke is a song she released in 2014. Jess recalls the trying moments she faced while battling drug addiction. She confesses that her lover financed her addiction, leaving her in a mess. The message is to help people navigate unhealthy habits while remaining balanced. She believes that anyone can get out of the cheap life as long as they have the willpower to live a life free from drugs. Best line: “That kind of taste that you don’t forget.”

2. Elderberry Wine- Elton John


In 1973, English singer, Elton John, sang “Elderberry Wine.” According to the lyrics, it talks about a man left by his wife. He intends to reminisce about the good times they shared, including that she made the best elderberry wine. It’s no surprise that the song became popular in John’s live tours, including in 1973. Best line: “You aimed to please me. Cooked black-eyed peas for me.”

1. Red Red Wine- UB40 (1983)


“Red Red Wine” is an acoustic ballad originally from the “Just for You” album by Neil Diamond in 1967. UB40 recorded a reggae version of the song on August 8, 1983, for the album “Labor of Love.” One of the singers, Astro, initially thought this song’s original version was performed by a Jamaican artist, Negus Diamond. We ranked this song first because the band performed it on Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday, and it ranked number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Best line: “Makes me forget that I still need her.”


According to Newsweek, drinking wine is a timeless tradition, and so are the songs about it. Whether you intend to drink it to boost your digestion or calm your nerves, there are many songs to accompany your wine-drinking event. You just need to select the one that resonates with your mood.

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