Nita Strauss talks important things about her upcoming album project

Nita Strauss from Alice Cooper‘s guitarist talks about so important things. She also continues the upcoming new album project.

Nita is the best known female guitarist in the world. We can already mention her coronavirus quarantine days. But in these days too many artists and bands have seen their concert dates stopped. They’re also canceled or postponed in the spread of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We know the Nita as an Alice Cooper’s guitarist she works on a new album project. Her first solo album “Controlled Chaos” released in 2018. A few days ago she also joined the most metal artist support David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation live “Oh Say Can You Stream” event. Nita interviewed That Drummer Guy about the progress of the songwriting and recording sessions for a new album.

Nita Strauss on a new album and the other projects:

“It’s very well on the way. It’s really exciting to get to have the time to really put into it, because when I was making ‘Controlled Chaos’, I was on tour most of the time, so I was doing it in hotel rooms and working at the desk, using my dressing room table as a desk, to record guitars whenever I could. So it’s actually really gratuitous to have this time. Obviously, it’s a terrible situation. But I feel lucky to be able to take this time and use it to just be at home and get creative.”

Then she added: 

“I’m really coming from a more emotional place and where I wanna be, technique-wise, to execute the things I wanna do. Of course, you can always get better. But I’m not really focusing on woodshedding and chops. Trying to reinvent the wheel with my own technique right now. It’s more coming from a more emotional place of how can I say something important with these songs… You have to put [emotion] into instrumental music even more because I think a lot of people have the conception of instrumental guitar music that it’s just shredding — just solos, that it doesn’t have any depth and meaning to it — and that’s not always the case.”

You can listen to the Nita Strauss full interview below.

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