Nita Strauss reveals work on a new album in Quarantine amid Coronavirus

Nita Strauss announces her works on a new album in amid Coronavirus. She also through the social channels that she is entering the “Quarantine” days.

Nita is the Alice Cooper guitarist also she works on a new project and releases soon. Her first solo album “Controlled Chaos” released in 2018 via Sumerian Records. Now she wants to make a second solo album. Now everyone is the mode amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Also, she talks about she will use the time to work on a new album and music.

Nita Strauss also shares an Instagram post and wrote this: 

“⁣With schools, gyms, restaurants, and many more businesses closed and so many of us laying low for at least the next couple weeks, how are YOU going to use your time? It’s interesting to watch this all unfold… I can’t remember another event in my lifetime that has literally affected everyone I know worldwide like this.”

Then she continued: 

“I think it’s important to remember that although things might be weird in the world right now, time at home does not have to be unproductive. What’s something YOU plan to do to use this time wisely? Post in the comments to maybe inspire more people to follow your example! For me – I’m going to be playing a ton of guitar and finishing my album.”

Check out this photo below.


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