10 Awesome Songs about Giving Up

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Life is full of ups and downs. When some people experience the downs, they tend to give up. Perhaps, they are taking a difficult mathematics examination. Or, a person could have challenges in their marriage. Giving up could either mean dropping a task or committing suicide.

Regardless of the challenge, we must find a way to push on. If you are unable to cope with life’s challenges, might we suggest listening to songs about giving up? The songs will encourage you not to worry about your problems since others may have them worse. Without further ado, here are ten awesome songs about giving up.

10. In My Blood- Shawn Mendes (2018)

Shawn wrote this song when he was struggling with anxiety. He would be so anxious that he couldn’t sing. The singer claims he experienced some tension around his throat and back. In the first verse, he talks about taking his anxiety pills. Although the pills are supposed to help, they pose some side effects to him.

He talks about lying down on the bathroom floor due to his body’s numbness. The singer acknowledges that someone helping you is better than taking drugs. So, if life gets difficult, do not give up seeking help from people.

9. 1-800-273-8255- Logic Ft. Alessia Cara and Khalid (2017)

This song is about suicide, which explains the suicide hotline number in the title. In the song, Logic dissuades a certain person from committing suicide. He acknowledges that the person is suffering from problems that make him want to give up on life. However, he reassures the person that their problems are temporary. Additionally, he reminds the person to be grateful for what they have. If you have friends and family members, you will likely not commit suicide since they would be devastated.

8. Remind Me to Forget- Kygo Ft. Miguel (2018)

This song tackles toxic relationships. In this song, a person is still in love with their abuser even after their relationship ended. There are various reasons why some people may love their abuser. The reasons could be due to denial, Stockholm syndrome or the abuser’s manipulative tactics. Soon, the person begins to give up on love due to past abuse. Despite receiving abuse in the past, it does not mean you should give up seeking a relationship. You can end up with someone who treats you very nicely.

7. Save Me- Nicki Minaj (2010)

This song proves that even successful celebrities have moments when they feel like giving up. She alludes to her success by referring to herself as the monster in the music industry. By monster, she alludes to the awards she has won throughout her musical career.

However, she is plagued by negative thoughts. Her negative thoughts cause her to almost give up rapping. To reduce these thoughts, she drives to an unidentified man who is supposed to save her. In case you experience any challenges, seek someone’s help instead of giving up.

6. If I Die Young- The Band Perry (2010)

The song alludes to young people who are quick to give up on life, e.g. by considering suicide. When a young person dies, there are still a lot of things they could have achieved in life. Perhaps, they would have become richer or married beautiful spouses.

Once you are dead, it is too late to work towards achieving any goal. Instead, it would help if you were satisfied with the things you have in your youth. It is only acceptable to die in your youth if you did not have a hand in it.

5. I’m Not Okay- Citizen Soldier (2020)

The song focuses on a person who usually has negative thoughts. This person suppresses their thoughts, but to no avail. As a last resort, he decides to seek help. However, he realizes he has no one to talk to. Furthermore, he gives up on seeking help since he doesn’t want to be a burden to others. Also, if he doesn’t help, he may be overpowered by his thoughts. This song encourages you not to give up seeking help. It would be best if you did not worry whether or not you are a burden to others.

4. Adam’s Song- Blink-182 (1999)

The song focuses on a man who is on the verge of committing suicide due to their depression. However, he does not look depressed since he is always jovial. According to Very Well Mind, people who appear happy when depressed suffer from smiling depression. Throughout the song’s run, you get the impression the man will end their life at any point. However, as the song ends, the man acknowledges that tomorrow provides better days. That implies he has given up on the idea of suicide and looks forward to living.

3. It’s Time to Go- Taylor Swift (2021)

The song alludes to Taylor’s betrayal by her long-trusted friend, Karlie Kloss. Karlie betrayed her by feeding information about her to Scooter Braun. Scooter is infamous for being in control of most of Taylor’s works, much to her dissatisfaction. In this instance, it is necessary to give up some friendships. Since friends aren’t relatives, you do not need to feel obligated to fight for friendships, especially toxic ones.

2. You Don’t Know- Katelyn Tarver (2017)

This song focuses on a girl who is battling depression. She talks to people who reassure her that her condition is temporary. However, she finds those statements clichéd. She gives up on talking to people about her condition. Instead, she finds it easier to co-exist with her depression. Sometimes in life, you must accept that there are things you cannot control and so must battle some things yourself.

1. Dear Agony- Breaking Benjamin Ft. Lacey Sturm (2009)

The song focuses on a depressed man. This man feels the only solution to his problem is death. However, he begins to think of the consequences of committing suicide. He acknowledges that his action would hurt his family and friends, so he gives up on the idea.


Hopefully, these songs challenge you not to give up in the face of difficulties. It is only okay to give up in the case of toxic relationships.

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