The 10 Best Hopsin Songs of All-Time


Are you familiar with American rap artist Hopsin? If you’re not, then you might be surprised to learn that he was first signed to a record label back in 2007. Just two short years later, he founded his own record label and decided it was time to do things his way. A few years later, in 2016, he founded yet another record label. Throughout his career, he’s had a number of songs that a lot of people find interesting. Below are 10 of what are typically considered his best, ranging from number 10 to number one. They don’t have YouTube links so if you’re inclined to listen for yourself, go ahead and take a few minutes to do exactly that.

10. You Should’ve Known (2019)


Rap songs can sometimes tell a story in a rather pointed manner and sometimes, they incorporate lyrics that are coming right at your face. That’s definitely the case here, as the lyrics are seemingly directed at a former love interest. They repeatedly inform that particular love interest that the individual singing the song is coming right for them and they should have known this all along.

9. Sag My Pants (2010)


Some fans have a hard time deciding exactly what this song actually means. In all actuality, it probably refers to the cultural tendency that exists for rappers and some other individuals to wear their pants well below their waist. That said, there are some truly confusing lyrics in the song that seem to suggest that the artist is fed up with the rest of society assuming that they understand this particular culture without having actually lived it. Despite its rather confusing nature, it has become something of a fan favorite and has remained so for a number of years.

8. I’m Not Crazy (2010)


The title for this one is fairly self-explanatory. The lyrics in the song talk about not only how people sometimes think that you’re crazy when you’re actually not, but they also explore things on a deeper level. Specifically, they talked about the fact that people have a tendency to make assumptions based on incomplete information. They then use those assumptions to decide exactly what type of person someone is without ever taking the trouble to get to know them first. This is something that clearly frustrates the rapper and in the song, it’s something that he speaks out against.

7. The Purge (2017)


This is another one that has a tendency to confuse a lot of fans. The artist repeats the words “watch me” throughout the song a number of times, but a lot of fans aren’t entirely sure exactly what they’re supposed to be watching. The overwhelming majority of fans have seemingly decided that the song is really about letting go of anything in life that doesn’t particularly serve you well. That includes relationships with people that you probably should have turned loose a long time ago.

6. Hop Is Back (2013)


As you can probably imagine, this is a song that basically announced the fact that he was coming back into the public eye with a vengeance. It only makes sense that a rap artist would announce their return to the public eye with a song that discusses such things and that is exactly what you have here.

5. I Need Help (2013)


This is a song that basically serves as a cry for help. It talks about the various perils of navigating life and all of the challenges that can bring. The song goes on to explain that no one is perfect, essentially saying that every person is far more complicated than they are typically given credit for. The song goes on to say that the individual singing needs help because it’s impossible to navigate all of these challenges alone without falling victim to them.

4. The Old Us (2019)


This is a song that talks about having a relationship with a person and missing the way that the relationship used to be. On a secondary level, it talks about how people change over time and that it’s impossible for a relationship to remain exactly the same because every person involved in that relationship also changes. This in turn changes the dynamic of the relationship itself. The song talks about wishing that this wasn’t always the case and reminiscing about times when things seemed more carefree.

3. Alone With Me (2021)


This is probably one of the more interesting songs the artist has ever been associated with. It’s actually a song about chronic depression and how the toxic and intrusive thoughts that run through someone’s head when they’re suffering from the throes of the disease can absolutely destroy them. It’s unique because it’s told from the point-of-view of those intrusive thoughts, as if they were an actual entity that someone is giving life to. In the song, it’s almost like these thoughts are mocking the person who’s suffering, talking about how they have messed up their life for as long as they’ve been around and they’ll continue to do so. It’s actually a very poignant look at the types of struggles people with depression have to go through and why it can be so difficult to treat the disease.

2. Covid Mansion (2020)


It shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise that someone would write a song about being stuck in quarantine during covid. In this particular song, the artist is talking about having traveled to another country, in this particular case, Thailand. Covid then struck and he ended up being stuck there, quarantined indefinitely and unable to travel back home. At its core, the song talks about taking your life for granted until you have all of that stripped away and you’re told that you can’t do it anymore. It’s a song that will clearly resonate with practically everyone on the face of the Earth for some time.

1. Nocturnal Rainbows (2010)


This is a very harsh song, but it’s become a fan favorite over the years. Part of the reason that it’s so popular is actually because it’s harsh. It talks about how people think that all of their thoughts and ideas are their own, yet then goes on to examine how people are groomed to believe a certain way and think certain things from the time that they’re too young to tie their own shoelaces. The song then takes all of that information and throws it in your face, saying that there is nothing original about you because you’ve been programmed from the earliest moments of life.

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