The 10 Best Shaggy Songs of All-Time


Back in 2020, Shaggy announced that he would release another version of his multiplatinum studio album, Hot Shot which is widely regarded as his best release ever. The album included the mega-hit song, “It Wasn’t Me,” which was his biggest breakthrough in the global pop market. However, there is a lot of doubt as to whether the album will ever surpass the status of his 2001 album, which contained the best-selling single of the UK in 2001. The album had numerous timeless records, and it showed just how good Shaggy was at his peak. The singer, whose real name is Orville Richard Burrell, was initially enlisted in the US Marine Corps, where he perfected his signature voice. He has released fifteen albums to date and has been nominated and won various music awards, including two Grammy Awards for the Best Reggae Album in 1996 and 2019. Here are the ten best Shaggy songs of all time.

10. You Girl ft Ne-Yo

The number ten song in our countdown of the ten best Shaggy songs is a collab that he featured Ne-Yo. In this song, Ne-Yo clearly doesn’t find it difficult changing tune to a reggae-style vibe. The track features some fantastic female support vocalists in this lover’s rock reggae song. The beat is quite catchy, and the song was a massive club banger.

9. Wild 2Nite ft Olivia

It is not easy to find musicians with a flow like Shaggy’s. In this song, Shaggy teams up with former G-Unit songstress Olivia. “Wild 2Nite” is the lead single from Shaggy’s 2005 album, Clothes Drop. The song features signature Shaggy vocals as Olivia complements him well with a well sang chorus. The song peaked at position 61 on the UK Singles Chart and position 26 on the Swiss Singles Chart.

8. In the Summertime

Shaggy’s 1995 album, Boombastic, catapulted Shaggy to the peak of dancehall music. The album had a great collection of entertaining, deep funky grooves that include the number eight song, “In the Summertime.” The track is one of a kind and it emits great vibes whenever you listen to it. The track features Shaggy and a number of his friends having what seems like a great pool party during the summer.

7. Repent

Shaggy’s 2005 album, Clothes Drop, was another masterpiece from the Jamaican-American artist. The album didn’t have any fillers in terms of music and lyrical content, and every track was pure. “Repent” is the album’s ninth track in what was a musical yet preachy song that pointed fingers towards politicians as it seeks to fight for humanity for all people. The track has a great beat that you will want to dance to anytime you hear the song.

6. Hey Sexy Lady

“Hey Sexy Lady” was released in 2002 from Shaggy’s album, Lucky Day. The track was a collaboration between Shaggy and Tony Gold, and it uses additional beats from the Sexy Lady Explosion riddim. The track sold 287000 units in France and was ranked as the 110th best-selling song as of August 2014. The track was also used as a soundtrack in the 2006 American comedy film, She Is the Man and has been used in commercials featuring athletes such as Carmelo Anthony and Clinton Portis.

5. Church Heathen

Coming in at position five is a track that outlines the scandals and heathens that are so common in our churches. The song opens with the line, “if you take this too serious, then you really need some church,” as Shaggy mentions church characters such as Pam and Gwen, who claims to be a Christian but dances to secular music such as “Dutty Wine.” The song has two versions, with the second version featuring a verse from Ninja Man. “Church Heathen” was featured as a soundtrack for Grand Theft Auto 4 and was a big hit in the Caribbean.

4. Boombastic

“Boombastic” is the second song from Shaggy’s 1995 album, Boombastic. The track was the most popular from the album owing to its hypnotic grooves that borrow from hip hop and traditional island music. The track achieved massive commercial success in many countries such as the UK, Sweden, and Australia, where it topped the singles charts for some time. The track also peaked at position one on the US Billboard R&B chart, where it spent a week in the top spot. The track peaked at number three on the US Billboard Hot 100, and the song is often regarded as his most significant breakthrough.

3. Strength of a Woman

Shaggy’s 2002 album, Lucky Day, gave the fans a new crop of dancehall tracks that they would enjoy. The album also had a song that sang praises to women. If you want a perfect reggae song that you can dedicate to a special woman in your life, “Strength of a Woman” is the perfect song for that. The track shows how much Shaggy respects women singing that we should never underestimate their strengths. The song is so powerful, and it is the perfect anthem for International Women’s Day.

2. Angel

The number two song on our list of the best Shaggy songs of all time is the fifth song from his 2000 album Hot Shot. “Angel” sees Shaggy team up with Rayvon in the song, which is dedicated to a special woman in his life. The track was an enduring hit in many countries, especially Ireland, where it is ranked as the 20th highest-selling single of all time. The track made its debut on the US Billboard Hot 100 at position 81, and it peaked at position one on 31st March 2001, where it stayed in the position for one week.

1. It Wasn’t Me

“It Wasn’t Me” is the number one song in our countdown of the greatest Shaggy Songs and arguably his greatest hit to date. The song is about a guy who is found out to be cheating with a girl next door by his partner, but he denies it even though he is clearly guilty. The guy asks for advice from his pal (Shaggy), who tells him to deny everything and claim, “It Wasn’t Me.” The track was Shaggy’s first number one hit, and it is his greatest song to date.

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