The 10 Best Kacey Musgraves Songs of All-Time

Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves is probably one of the most well-known country artists of her time. As a matter of fact, at just 33 years of age, she has already achieved such accolades as receiving three Academy of Country Music Awards, an astonishing seven Country Music Association awards and no less than six Grammy Awards. Obviously, she has more than her fair share of talent. If you’re not entirely familiar with her songs, here are 10 that are frequently considered to be her best, ranked from number 10 all the way down to number one. You can simply click on the YouTube link that accompanies each song title in order to hear it for yourself and decide whether or not it’s also one of your favorites.

10. Easy (2021)

This is a song that explains how messy it can become when you love someone and they end up loving someone else more than they love you. To be more specific, the song talks about loving someone, then finding out that he would rather be with someone else, so the rejected lover in the song goes off to find her own adventures as a means of getting back at him.

9. Breadwinner (2021)

This is a rather pessimistic song that talks about someone pretending to fall in love with you, all so he can avoid having to be a responsible adult. The song is meant to caution a woman against someone who pretends to love them just because he wants them to make the money and pay the bills so he won’t have to. It also cautions against being with someone who doesn’t see you as an equal, but instead as someone who he is simply using you to do his bidding.

8. Slow Burn (2018)

This is a rather interesting song that tells the story of someone who never quite feels like they fit in. They don’t make it to work on time and they don’t ever feel like they really fit in with the crowd when they are there. They seem to disappoint their parents and grandparents because they have different ideas about values and appearances. The song goes on to talk about someone who just wants to be accepted for who they are and the slow burn that often turns into an eruption when that same person isn’t accepted for who they are over a period of several years.

7. Justified (2021)

Anyone who’s ever fallen in love and then fell out of love almost as quickly can identify with this song. The song itself is about a summer romance, talking about how a particular summer went by so quickly and how strange it all felt to be in love. In the song, the romance ends just as quickly as it started. Fall comes along and life goes back to normal with normal responsibilities, effectively ending what was once a love that burned with great intensity.

6. Forever Country (2016)

This song was done to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Country Music Awards. Various country artists participated in it, Musgraves among them. People involved with country music royalty such as Dolly Parton also participated. The fact that Musgraves was invited to sing a part in the song goes to show how well-respected she has become in a very competitive industry over the course of only a few years.

5. High Horse (2018)

This is probably one of her more comical songs, but it wasn’t actually meant to be funny. The lyrics depict someone who is telling someone else off, talking about how they think that they are so important that they are the answer to everyone’s problems, yet they are in fact the cause of most of those problems. You might say that this song is every narcissist’s nightmare because it largely tells the truth about people who think that way and how they have a tendency to elevate themselves to a status that virtually no one else would ever agree to.

4. Merry Go ‘Round (2013)

Most people aren’t too crazy about the idea of being held back or held down by the traditions that people have held onto for decades, especially when those traditions no longer serve someone well. That is precisely what this song talks about. More specifically, it talks about the fact that the general public still seems to believe that you must have children if you’re a woman or your life is incomplete. It goes on to talk about the desire to make decisions for oneself as opposed to having these traditions decide their future for them.

3. Simple Times (2021)

Who doesn’t think back on an earlier time in their life and feel like those times were far more simple than the life they are leading today? Most people would agree that they have felt this way before. The song here sort of pays homage to that feeling, recognizing the fact that most people do sometimes look back on past times and wish that they could have those moments back again.

2. Follow Your Arrow (2013)

This is a song that deals with the inevitable pressure that society puts on others to do what they expect them to do. The song talks about how people will judge you, regardless of what you do. The lyrics specifically mention someone who refuses to have a drink and is criticized for such, yet that same person will be judged if they do drink. There are several instances like that throughout the song. The point of the song is to tell you to do whatever makes you happy because people are going to judge you no matter what.

1. Rainbow (2018)

This is a song about perspective. Some people feel like they simply can’t catch a break in life, like it’s always storming. However, a different person can go through that exact same situation and they are capable of seeing the rainbow beyond the clouds. In short, the song tries to explain that if you focus on the positive aspects of life, life suddenly starts to seem a lot easier than it does when you’re always focused on something negative.

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