The 10 Best Akon Songs of All-Time


Singer Akon certainly has a lot of talent, there’s no doubt about that. As a matter of fact, singing is just one of the many things that he is involved in. He also writes songs and produces records, not to mention his other entrepreneurial endeavors. Without a doubt, this New Jersey native is always looking for ways to stay busy and he’s always looking for new ways to get his music to the public.

He’s only been active since about 2004, but during that relatively short time, he’s definitely made a big impression with his fans. Below are 10 of his signature songs, rated from number 10 to number one. Check out the YouTube link associated with each one and you can hear his music for yourself.

10. The Sweet Escape (2006)

Here is a song that probably explains how we all feel from time to time that he sings alongside Gwen Stefani. The person in the song wants to enjoy the escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and fantasizes about that escape coming as the direct result of being with a person that they deeply want to be with. Whether or not that desire is fulfilled, it’s something that the person in the song thinks about on a regular basis, imagining how much better things might be if only that sweet escape would become a reality.

9. Beautiful (2008)

Have you ever known someone that you truly believed was beautiful both inside and out? That is the subject matter of this song. The lyrics talk about being with someone who is a beautiful person as far as their physical appearance goes, but the more important thing is that they are a beautiful person in the way that they live their life and how they treat other people.

8. I Wanna Love You (2006)

This is a song that discusses both lust and the desire to love. It talks about watching someone from afar, someone who makes it their business to focus on lust. However, the person in the song quickly graduates from simply lusting after someone to feeling as though he is genuinely falling in love with them. The thing is, the object of his affection doesn’t even know that he exists, much less that he has these types of feelings.

7. Lonely (2004)

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel like you’re completely alone, almost as if no one understands you and even if they did, it wouldn’t really matter? That’s exactly how the person in this song feels. He just really wants to have someone to call his own, yet he feels as though he’s alone and completely invisible to the rest of the world.

6. Smack That (2006)

Here is a song that sort of announces to the entire world that the artist behind it all is no longer willing to take second place to other rap artists who have proven to be popular over the course of the last several years. In a way, it’s about a man who wants to be noticed by the ladies but in another way, it’s much more about announcing to the world that you have arrived and refusing to allow someone else to take the spotlight that you believe is your own.

5. Locked Up (2004)

One might listen to this song and think that it only discusses someone who is literally locked up in prison, as well as their internal struggle about finding a daily routine and continuing on when it seems like there’s no hope. Anyone who assumes this wouldn’t necessarily be incorrect in that assumption. However, there is also more to the song than meets the eye. You can also look at it in the bigger sense of trying to understand how hard it is for someone to keep facing each new day when they feel like they’re constantly being knocked down to end up being right back where they started, no matter how hard they try. In reality, the song is about the internal struggle that exists within us all when we feel like we’re defeated, even when we’re doing our level best.

4. Sorry, Blame It on Me (2006)

This is one of the sadder songs that’s ever been performed by the artist. There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t felt like they are essentially responsible for someone else’s well-being. This song is about that fear that exists within us all, that if we make the wrong choice, it will have dire consequences on someone that we love. It’s a poignant reminder that the things that we choose to participate in or to avoid do indeed have consequences. Sometimes those consequences spread far beyond our own lives. If you ever needed a good reminder to help keep you grounded so you would do the responsible thing, this is the song that can definitely make you think.

3. Right Now (2008)

Sometimes, the only thing that a person really needs is another person in their life to give them the strength to keep fighting. Believe it or not, having a person like that in your life can make all the difference in the world between being able to face each new challenge or simply throwing in the towel. This is a song about what it feels like when you don’t get to be with that person for a while and how hard it is to find the strength to keep going when you feel alone. More importantly, the song is also about doing exactly that- finding strength, in hopes of better days ahead when you can be with them.

2. Don’t Matter (2006)

When you feel like you’ve had the odds stacked against you for some time, you finally get to a point where you no longer care what anybody else thinks. You get to a point in your life where you’re interested in doing what the heart wants, whether other people agree with it or not. That’s precisely what this song is about, saying that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or what they expect. Your life is your own and you should live it accordingly.

1. Chammak Challo (2011)

This song is the culmination of a long collaboration with Hamsika Iyer. You might think of it as your typical song from the perspective of a young man who is infatuated with a woman, trying anything and everything he can to get her attention.

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