Ranking All The All Time Low Studio Albums

All Time Low has always been a band with a very dedicated fan base, so regardless of what music the band has always released, the fans have always supported it. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that the fans of All Time Low don’t have favorite songs or albums that they listened to more than the rest or prefer more, no matter how long ago they premiered. Below, we’ve ranked all studio albums from All Time Low and covered a bit of their over-a-decade career and the rest of their releases.

8. Last Young Renegade

“Last Young Renegade”, like all other All Time Low studio albums, highly anticipated but when it came to the overall stature and life of that album, it seems that fans have almost dismissed it entirely as non of the tracklisting was among the band’s most popular songs. With its electronic sound applied to some songs, the album is almost reminiscent of Breathe Carolina in their post-“Hello Fascination” era.

All Time Low has never had an issue with releasing a solid studio album but when it comes to how well or how long that album may reside with the listener varies across their discography. Overall, All Time Low showed that this studio album, although ranking low on our list, was a clear progression for the band and a sign of their constant experimentation.

7. Wake Up, Sunshine

“Wake Up, Sunshine”, the newest release of studio albums from All Time Low, ranked second to last and featured one of the band’s most popular songs to date, “Monsters” featuring blackbear. blackbear is an artist and producer that has had a long and strong relationship with All Time Low and similar bands for a while before his career truly took off independently, and recently joined Maroon 5’s Adam Levine at ASCAP. Released during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic, “Monsters” was a strong but pop-fueled song that certainly help this album reach new demographics with radio time.

6. Future Hearts

“Future Hearts”, although released before “Wake Up, Sunshine” and “Last Young Renegade”, featured similar styles but also felt like more classic All Time Low studio albums. One of the most interesting guest appearances the band has ever featured was on this album with the feature of Mark Hoppus from Blink-182. Sometime in the future after the collaboration present on Future Hearts, lead singer of All Time Low, Alex Gaskarth, started a side project with the Blink-182 frontman.

5. Dirty Work

“Dirty Work” upon release, outside of All Time Low’s acoustic song, had some of the slowest songs from the band’s entire lineup of studio albums. The first single from “Dirty Work” was “I Feel Like Dancin'” and the song and accompanying music video immediately and entirely felt like the ultimate culmination of everything All Time Low prior to its release. With references to Ke$ha and other comedic elements to the song, it was very much classic All Time Low.

4. Put Up Or Shut Up

Although “Put Up Or Shut Up” was their first official studio album as All Time Low, the members of the band have shown they had a personality and a specific sound and form that they wanted to get across and they always did a damn good job. When a band can maintain any part of their original or core sound, it should be noted, for better or worse.

3. Don’t Panic

“Don’t Panic” was one of the band’s most interesting studio albums, not only featuring the band’s trademark and unique pop-fused rock music that’s reminiscent of pop-punk but different in its own way, as all All Time Low albums do and have. “Don’t Panic” started to show the increase in guest features presented on the band’s albums. At this point, the collaborators were always known to fans of All Time Low such as Pierce the Veil or but recently the guest features feel more forced and pop-related, over rock or pop-punk. All Time Low released a deluxe edition of the album, cleverly titled “Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now” that featured an impressive eight extra tracks compared to the original. Overall, “Don’t Panic” may have been one of the most excited and fulfilling studio albums All Time Low has released since becoming true adults as artists.

2. Nothing Personal

Arguably All Time Low’s most popular release, “So Wrong It’s Right” is certainly the band’s most beloved of their studio albums to their fans but without a doubt, “Nothing Personal” brought the band to the popularity they are at today. For the 10 year anniversary of the studio album, All Time Low released “It’s Still Nothing Personal”, a re-recording of the original album in a more modern All Time Low style, more relatable to their other material at the time.

1. So Wrong It’s Right

“So Wrong It’s Right” could have ranked at number one on our All Time Low studio albums list for any number of reasons and “Remembering Sunday” was always reason enough for this to be any fan’s favorite album due to its dynamic. However, the most popular song from All Time Low and from “So Wrong It’s Right” specifically without a doubt would be “Dear Maria, Count Me In”.

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