10 Tours That Need A Comeback

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Since live music has started to make an official return, feelings of nostalgia remind us of how incredible concerts were. Concerts not only take us away from the real world but also place us in the same energy as artists. With concerts officially back and that energy reemerged within fans, we have listed 10 tours that need a comeback.

Eternal Enemies Tour

The Eternal Enemies Tour was certainly an interesting one as it features two bands that had hate for each other. That hate spread throughout the fan bases of these bands and generally you would find a fan of only one. Those bands are Emmure and The Acacia Strain and rumor has it that TAC believed Emmure was a joke. While we aren’t sure how real this feud was, it certainly increased tour sales.


Scream It Like You Mean It

Scream It Like You Mean It has had a few renditions of the tour and slightly different genres of a lineup. Specifically I think that we need the tour to make a comeback of their 2012 edition. The 2012 lineup had a massive but solid lineup and 2 days in some cities. When it comes to indoor touring festivals, Scream It Like You Mean It definitely stood out from others.


Summer Slaughter

Summer Slaughter was another indoor touring festival, and sometimes featured a 2 day lineup. The tour has also had a few smaller renditions called The Slaughter Survivors Tour featuring bands that had previously been on the tour. Summer Slaughter was always known as ‘The Most Extreme Tour of the Year” and would highlight bands of different genres depending on the year. Any rendition of this tour as a comeback would be incredible, as the tour hasn’t ended like most tour like it, but has slowed down its appearances in recent years.


Tune Low Die Slow Tour

The Acacia Strain headlined this tour and while it wasn’t a festival, it was an absolute powerhouse of a tour and featured some already well known and popular bands. Incredible bands that supported The Tune Low Die Slow Tour were Counterparts, Kublai Khan and Fit For An Autopsy. One more band, Glass Cloud, supported this tour and they had a short stint as a band but the performances and releases they had in that short time were monumental.


Mayhem Festival

Mayhem Fest may be one of the most popular tours on this list having had a longer lifespan than most tours of its kind and featured some huge names within its various lineups. Some of the biggest names to belong to this tour are Slipknot, Anthrax, All That Remains, Korn and so many more. The tour is actually expected to make a comeback this year, so let’s hope for sooner than later.


The Artist In The Ambulance Tour

Thrice with support from The Used is all that was needed to make this tour an absolutely unforgettable one. The year of the tour was 2003 and by this time and on both bands grew exponentially. While both were already extremely popular bands, intimate tours like this brought a whole other energy to the room and forever connected the bands with their fans. Although not the most known tour, this tour today would sell out everywhere so it earned a spot on our 10 tours that need a comeback list.


The AP Tour

The Alternative Press Tour, known as The AP Tour, featured various lineups as they toured in spring or fall depending on the year, bringing a great seasonal vibe to the tour. Sometimes the tour featured heavier bands and sometimes it featured more pop-punk or even more mellow bands. As long as music publication Alternative Press is still around, we can expect a new AP Tour at some point.


This Is A Family Tour

This Is A Family Tour is a tour that fans of the headlining band never thought would happen. The tour featured 5 bands total starting with headliners Attack Attack!, Pierce The Veil, Emmure, In Fear And Faith and Of Mice & Men. The reason this tour was so controversial was due to the fact of Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile being the original vocalist of Attack Attack! The reason this tour actually happened however is probably due to ex-Sky Eat Airplane frontman Jerry Roush took over vocals.


Pop Punk’s Not Dead

Pop Punk’s Not Dead is possibly the most landmark tour for a specific genre on this list. While the bands on the tour fall under different brands of pop-punk, that may have been the point for New Found Glory when getting this tour together. Together, all of the bands that represent this tour really define their specific sound in the pop-punk genre. This is a tour I could have personally gone to over and over again so this is definitely one of 10 tours than need a comeback.


Vans Warped Tour

Vans Warped Tour is without a doubt, possibly the most famous ongoing tour festival that ever existed. The tour evolved more and more every year that it returned but must not have done well enough for the amount of entertainment it brought as it ended. I am almost positive that we will see the huge festival tour again in some shape or form, especially since the pandemic. Vans Warped Tour has featured bands from every genre and sub-genre possible and even helped bands grow as artists and get signed. Although Warped Tour has ended for now, you can find all previous tour lineups available here.

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