10 Things You Didn’t Know about EST Gee

Most people could’ve never survived all of the things EST Gee has had to endure in order to get here he is today. Despite the ups and downs in his life, EST Gee has alway refused to let anything stop him. Now, the up-and-coming rapper is on the brink of becoming one of the hottest new artists in the industry. His authenticity combined with his creativity have already earned him a lot of respect. While he hasn’t achieved a lot of commercial success yet, he’s well on his way. He is signed to Yo Gotti’s label, CMG Records, and he’s ready to show the world just what he’s capable of.  Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about EST Gee.

1. He’s From Kentucky

EST Gee was born and raised in Louisville, KY and he’s very proud of his hometown. The area’s culture plays a big role in the kind of music that EST Gee makes. Kentucky might not be a place that people think of when it comes to the music industry, but that is changing. Over the last several years, Kentucky has produced some very talented artists including Jack Harlow and Bryson Tiller.

2. He’s Had Some Trouble With The Law

Before he started taking rap seriously, EST Gee was hustling to provide for himself. That lifestyle caused him to have several run-ins with the law. In 2016, he was arrested on drug trafficking charges which eventually led to him being on house arrest and put on probation. Now that his career has started to take off, he plans to stay out of trouble.

3. He Wanted To Be A Football Player

When EST Gee was younger, becoming a rapper wasn’t something he saw for himself. Instead, his focus on sports. He was a talented football player who was a stand out linebacker in high school. According to Pitchfork, he even earned a scholarship to Indiana State. Unfortunately, however, he was kicked off the team after he got into some legal trouble.

4. Lil Baby Inspired Him To Get Into Rapping

Most creative people can remember the moment that inspired them to get into the arts and EST Gee is no exception. Seeing Lil Baby perform is what initially made EST Gee want to get into rap. EST Gee’s talent has since been co-signed by Lil Baby and the two have gotten the chance to work together.

5. He Isn’t Going To Let The Fame Change Him

We all know how drastically people can change once they start getting money and attention. However, EST Gee isn’t going to let anything make him switch up. He told Complex, “My general principles and my morals haven’t changed.I act the same, feel the same, move the same. I got a lot of discipline. A lot of people aren’t disciplined enough to just be on one thing and keep it that way.”

6.He’s Suffered Some Tragic Losses

Over the years, EST Gee has gone through more than his fair share of dark moments. His mother passed away passed away in 2020 after a battle with leukemia. Not long after, EST Gee’s brother was shot and killed. EST Gee turned to music as an outlet to help him express his feelings.

7. He Got Shot Five Times

Not only has EST Gee lost loved ones, but he also had his own near brush with death. In 2019, he was shot four times in the stomach and once in the eye after filming a video with Detroit rapper, Sada Baby. Luckily, he survived without any permanent injuries.

8. He’s Into Astrology

There are lots of people out there who think astrology is a joke, but EST Gee isn’t one of them. During an interview with XXL, EST Gee said, “I’m a Taurus…I’m into astrology. I like astrology. My grannies and them, is into shit like that. My granny, my nana, she’s real spiritual. She’s into shit like that.”

9. He Was On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Even though he’s still very early on in his career, EST Gee has already gotten some very big opportunities. One of those opportunities was being able to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Being on such a popular show allowed him to display his talent in front of a whole new audience.

10. He Loves Expensive Jewelry

Everybody has at least one thing that they like to splurge on, and for EST Gee, that thing seems to be expensive chains. A quick scroll through his Instagram profile reveals that he really likes flashy jewelry. He has a couple of chains that he seems to wear on a regular basis.

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