10 Things You Didn’t Know about Maria Brink

Maria Brink

Maria Brink was born on December 17 in Schenectady, New York. Unlike many upcoming musician’s families, her mother supported her dreams from an early age. It may have also helped that she was raised by a single mother, so she didn’t have a father who wanted to protect his little girl. According to Article Bio, during an interview, Brink commented on her mother, “My mother is a total free-spirited hippie flower child. Always has been. My mom always supports me in whatever I do, and she loves me.” In 2005, she formed the band Dying Star, which performed in many musicals helping the band gain a following. One of her early songs, Legacy of Odio, is about her best friend who passed away, released in 2007. Somehow, she rose to fame as the vocalist and pianist of the heavy metal band In This Moment, even after giving birth to her son Davion Smith at fifteen. Much like her mother, she is raising her son as a single parent, which she absolutely loves despite its challenges. Brink is also a passionate vegetarian who is a part of PETA. These are ten things you didn’t know about Maria Brinks.

1. Family first

Maria Brink feels the most challenging thing about touring is away from her family. Even though she loves traveling, she thinks that the ties to her family are some of the most important bonds and knows that they make many sacrifices when she goes on the road. Over time, she has learned to balance her schedule with having time with her favorite people. Typically, she tours for several months and then is home for a few months.

2. Show and music

According to Louder Sound, if Brink could do any type of show, it would be in the style of Cirque De Soleil. Yet, it’s music first, and as she penning lyrics, she begins to think about the colors of the costumes and what colors she wants to use to convey the song’s lyrics. When she gets an idea, she creates a mood board for the audience’s feelings to share. She confessed she is a bit OCD about everything being right.

3. Animals

Although she’d like to have many animals, her tour schedule doesn’t allow her to have more than one. Currently, she has a chihuahua named Twinkie, who is a bit of a celebrity. The puppy is on tour with Brink and flies everywhere with her human. Brink is also vocal about preferring people to animals and hopes to have a sanctuary on the water for animals one day.

4. Girl Power

Brink’s entire staff is women. She’s excited to see more women working as tour and stage managers and other aspects of the music industry. Even though the music industry is male-dominated, she believes in the power of actualization. No matter what happens, just say you will, and it will make it into existence. Moreover, she’s happy that so many women who she respects are part of her team.

5. Fan Girl

Even though she has performed with many famous artists, she has a few still on her list. Her first choice would be Trent Reznor. Additionally, she would choose Chino Marino from Deftones, who’s been one of her favorite singers for as long as she can remember. Further, she added Maynard James Keenan and Stevie Nicks. The group she’d love to perform with is Wardruna.

6. Positivity is paramount

Her house is like a spa. She has elements of water and fire. Additionally, there is tranquil music throughout the house. She typically has various oils burning in her home to help with the mood. All this is important because Brink is a naturally anxious person. She would rather be at peace than being surrounded by chaos. Having a house like this helps her center and keep calm to face her rigorous tour schedule.

7. Meow

According to Alt Press, the animal Maria identifies most with is a cat. She’s very private and doesn’t like to be around people often. Additionally, she wants to stay in the corner and has dimmers throughout her house. Since she has to be in the spotlight so often, she feels leading a secluded life when she is offstage. It also creates intrigue for her fan base, wondering who this enigmatic singer is.

8. Creativity as stress relief

Brink is a true Rennaissance woman. Even though her music career, she pursues many other artistic hobbies since she recognizes she can become a bit over the top worrying about her music and shows so often. So, when she has a chance, she paints. Additionally, she mediates and does Yoga. When she gets a chance, she also takes long walks in the woods because she can become highly overwhelmed with technology.

9. Self-care is important

Even when she’s on the road, she tries to stay with a routine and keep her tour bus very similar to her home, giving it a soothing Middle Eastern vibe. She has tapestries and crystals everywhere as well as pillows on the floor. She takes her Yoga and meditation practice on the road even when the bus is going down the road. Moreover, she gets a lot of massages to help ease the ever-present tension she feels.

10. Hottest Chick

Last April, Brink won the award for Hottest Chick In Metal at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards. According to Hollywood music, she feels it’s a lighthearted award since she knows that a woman’s looks are surface, and they have so much more behind the image they portray. She comments, “I like to say the award is like pretty sprinkles on top of a frosted cupcake. But, what really matters is the yummy inside of the cupcake.


Family support is essential when you have a child and a rigorous tour schedule. One must have excellent mental balance to handle all the pressures that come with all the stressors of being a musician and having a family off the road. Maria Brink has been going non-stop she was young. Not only has she worked to support herself and her son, but she has also made a career as a heavy metal frontwoman in a genre dominated by men.

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