10 Things You Didn’t Know about Coi Leray

In 2018, Boston native Coi Leray started creating a buzz in the hip-hop scene with her single “Huddy”. The song’s infectious beat and catchy lyrics quickly turned a lot of heads and Coi made sure not to let the moment slip away. Over the last few years, she has continued to grind hard to establish herself in the industry and things have been going very well for her. Although she has yet to release her debut album, she has put out several singles that have lead to her being one of the most talked-about new artists in the game. Only time will tell if Coi Leray has the staying power to build a long-lasting career, but so far it looks like she’s on the right track. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Coi Leray.

1.She Dropped Out Of High School

Coi’s journey to becoming a rapper hasn’t been the easiest. Although she grew up around music and has always loved it, it wasn’t something she really took seriously until 2018. Prior to that, she was a high school dropout who was trying to figure out what her next move was going to be.

2. She’s Benzino’s Daughter

Coi Leray’s connection to hip-hop runs deeper than many people realize. Her father is Benzino, who was originally best-known for being the co-owner of the legendary hip-hop magazine, The Source. Benzino is also a rapper and he found moderate commercial success in 2002 with his song “Rock the Party”. In more recent years, Benzino has become well-known for appearing on Love and Hip Hop. 

3. Her Faith Is Important To Her

Coi Leray has never gone into detail about her personal religious beliefs, but she has mentioned that her mother is a woman of God who holds her faith in high regard. As a result, Coi also has a relationship with God and she and her mother have often prayed together throughout the years.

4. She Has ADD

There are countless people across the world who suffer from ADD, and Coi Leray is one of them. Fortunately, having ADD hasn’t held her back. During an interview with Office Magazine, Coi revealed that she has ADD. She credits this with one of the main reasons for her distinct high-energy performance style.

5. She Likes To Cook

Music has been Coi’s main focus for the last several years, but it certainly isn’t the only thing she’s interested in. In fact, Coi already has her sights set on something else she would love to do one day. Coi enjoys cooking and she plans to return to school one day to get a degree in culinary arts.

6. She Dated Trippie Redd

Having a relationship in front of the world is never easy, and Coi has already learned this from personal experience. Coi previously dated rapper Trippie Redd, but unfortunately, the couple had a somewhat messy breakup which led to him making a song about her. In an interview with No Jumper, Coi Leray expressed that she felt Trippie used their relationship and subsequent breakup as clickbait.

7. She Has Diverse Taste In Music

Coi Leray may be a rapper, but as a fan, she likes to listen to multiple genres. When talking about the music she grew up listening to, Coi Leray told XXL, “JoJo, Chris Brown, Avril Lavigne, B5. And then once [the] Chicago wave came out, Chief Keef [and] Lil Durk. They’re just so lit. I love 808s; I love trap music. It makes my adrenaline pump. I used to like the Black Eyed Peas, too.”

8. She Likes To Have A Studio In Her Home

Most creative people would probably agree that it’s always nice to be able to work whenever inspiration hits. While talking to No Jumper, Coi revealed that ever since she signed her record deal, she has made sure there was a studio in every house she’s lived in.

9. She Was In A Movie

When it comes to keeping people entertained, Coi Leray can do a little bit of everything. Coi told No Jumper that she and her brother were in a movie when they were younger. However, her IMDB page does not list any movie credits. There’s a good chance we’ll see her get into acting in the years to come.

10. She Can Do Hair

Coi describes herself as a very talented individual who has always been capable of doing a wide variety of things. Outside of performing, doing hair is another thing she’s good at. She has the skills to install a full wig even though she doesn’t typically wear wigs herself.

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