10 Things You Didn’t Know About Dubbo

Texas produces most country singers, but there is another breed of musicians who call the state home. You may have heard of Travis Scott, the late Pimp C, K-Rino and many more. However, one name is currently in the headlines and has been recognized as one to watch out for in 2021-Dubbo. The rapper is from Austin, Texas, and became famous after his first single was released in November 2019. He recently signed up with Babygrande Records and has released his premiere single “Ben10.” As he continues to make waves as a rapper, let’s tell you what you probably don’t know about him.

1. He Smokes Weed

On a video uploaded to his Instagram account on August 17, 2021, the rapper does not mind sharing his excitement with his friends. As he opens a bottle of champagne, he says they would party by smoking weed. It is not strange to see musicians who openly talk about their love for weed. Some even sing about it, like the famous 2000 hit song “Because I Got High” by Afroman.

2. He is Appreciative to His Fans

Most musicians know that without support from their fans, their music will not be a lucrative source of income. Therefore, the wise ones always show their love to fans, and the Austin hip hop star has not been left behind in making such a move. He took to Instagram to say how grateful he was to his fans and how much he loved them. In the video, in which he seems high, you can see he is sincere in the appreciation message before popping a bottle.

3. His Little Brother Passed Away

Dubbo disclosed on an Instagram post that he lost his little brother, and since then, he has never been the same. He, however, promises to do the best he can so the deceased brother can be proud of him. The post does not reveal how and when the brother died; it also does not mention his name. It comes out clearly that the two were close, and now that the rapper is taking music much more seriously, we can only assume that his dead brother is motivating him.

4. He Has Two Sons

Being a parent is one of the greatest gifts, and Dubbo acknowledges it. A few months ago, he posted that life was good, and he cannot complain because God blessed him with what he had wanted all his life ̶ a family. He proudly said that he had two sons who changed his life forever and made all his problems go away. From the way he plays with the little boy, you can tell them that he loves spending time with the kids, and he continues to thank God for the blessing.

5. Why He Loves Touring

When Dubbo was asked about what he expected from the tour he would go on with Conway the machine and Stove God Cooks, he said fans should expect energy they had never seen before. As much as he wanted to give his best every night during that tour, the rapper wanted to accomplish his dreams. He remarked that the tour offered him an opportunity to explore the world while still making his dream come true, which meant everything to him.

6. His Father Figure

No matter how much his life changes for the better, Dubbo does not forget where he came from, evidenced by the messages he posts on his social media. On December 16, 2020, he wrote a Happy GDay message to someone who uses @nhlmacd on Instagram. On the post, the rapper says that the person is his real brother, and he will do anything to put a smile on his face. Dubbo further states that it was @nhlmacd who taught him all it takes to be who is he today and acted as his father figure when life was tough.

7. He Has Tattoos All Over His Body

If you have taken time to go through most of the rapper’s pictures, you will notice that he likes being shirtless, and you can see the numerous tattoos. He is proud of his tattoos, and from the Instagram account, it appears that he got them in June 2020 when he posted that he was “inked up.” Although some are hard to read, the one across his chest is the most visible, and it says, “Hello Andrea.”

8. He Can Be a Show-Off

In the first post Dubbo uploaded on his Instagram account on August 14, 2019, he held a large stack of money. On January 28, 2021, he posted another picture of himself sitting in the trunk of a car with dollars lined upon his arm. While it seems like an innocent show off that other musicians have become used to, other rappers advise young musicians like Dubbo to avoid it. The Game took to Twitter on November 20, 2020, urging young people to stop flaunting money on social media. He said that for every dollar shown off, someone is loading a gun to steal it.

9. He Has Used Firearms

On November 24, 2019, Dubbo posted a picture on Instagram holding a gun and captioned it “my life in one pic.” A fan immediately warned him about posting such stuff. It was a fair warning considering that US Law Shield published that social media can be used against you in a court of law. As per the article, while social media seems harmless, you must be conscious of what you are sharing because once made public, law enforcement authorities can get their hands on it and use it against you.

10. He is Yet to Gain a Massive Social Media Following

Dubbo may share many things on social media, but he is not yet attracting thousands of fans to his account. For a person who has been regularly posting since he joined the platform in 2019, you would expect him to have appealed to hundreds of followers. However, he only has 6,835 followers as of now.

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