10 Things You Didn’t Know about Remi Wolf

Remi Wolf

Who is Remi Wolf? Maybe you’re familiar with the name, or maybe you’re only hearing it for the first time right now. Either way, you’re likely to be impressed by the time you’re finished reading this. That’s because Remi Wolf is not only a talented musical artist, but also an individual who possesses a wide range of interests and talents in various things. Her musical style can be described as a combination of rock music and punk and so many other things. Perhaps most importantly, she’s not afraid to put herself out there and see what happens. Since that can be one of the most difficult things that a person will ever do in their life, it’s always interesting to see what somebody is all about when they do that on a routine basis. Here are 10 things about her that you might not know, and many of them are likely to inspire you.

1. She loves her home state of California

She was born and raised in California and routinely says that there will always be a part of her that is there, even when she can’t physically be anywhere near the state. One of the things that she loves so much about California is the fact that it has so much diversity, not just with its people, but with its terrain and ecosystems as well. She loves that you can travel to a desert-like climate in the southern part of the state or take a stroll along the beach, and then within the same day you can be in a mountainous area full of beautiful redwood trees, standing in a forest that makes you feel like you’re almost in some type of fairy tail. She says that the people in the state of California are just as diverse and that is why she can’t imagine calling any other place home.

2. She was once a contestant on American Idol

Like so many musicians, she is always looking for different avenues to allow people to hear her music. That’s one of the most difficult things about becoming a successful musician. You may have all the talent in the world, but getting the right person to hear you so that they can start working with their connections can be a real challenge, even for those who are truly gifted. Back in 2014, she decided to take a shot and compete as a contestant on American Idol. Things didn’t exactly work out in her favor back then, but you have to remember that the competition on a show like that is fierce. Today, she is doing exactly what she always wanted to do, putting her music out there for the whole world to hear.

3. She’s also a gifted skier

If you think the only thing she does is sit in her room and write songs all day, think again. Granted, she loves creating music but she also has a need to get outside and be physically active. Moreover, she likes the idea of doing something that will give her a bit of an adrenaline rush, hence the reason that she took up downhill skiing. For her, it was a way to get out some pent-up energy and have a little fun in the process. As it turns out, she found that she had a natural ability for this type of skiing, something that was rivaled only by her skill as a musician. As a result, her career almost took a very different turn, as you’ll see in the next paragraph.

4. She has trained diligently for the Olympics

As it turns out, she was so gifted as a downhill skier that she actually took a number of years to seriously train as an Olympian. Again, the competition for this type of thing is fierce. She never made it to the top echelon of competition, but there is something to be said for her natural ability as well as her dedication. Throughout the time that she was training to be an Olympian, she was still thinking about her music. Ultimately, she had to make a choice. When she was faced with the ultimatum of choosing between dedicating her entire life to her goals as a downhill skier or returning to her music, she knew that there was only one real choice. Nevertheless, she still enjoys skiing very much and looks forward to getting out there and hitting the slopes whenever the opportunity presents itself, especially when she feels stressed.

5. Her heart always brings her back to her music

As you can probably tell by now, her heart always brings her back to her music. While she has a lot of other interests and considers herself to be a well-rounded person, she has decided to dedicate the majority of her time to creating music and promoting it so that other people can hear it. This also gives her the opportunity to make a living as a musician.

6. She loves to sing all kinds of music

One of the things that makes her music so unique is that she sings all different genres. In fact, she says that the more genres she is capable of tackling, the better. Most people who have heard her perform would agree that she definitely has that particular issue on lock, as she is capable of performing virtually anything out there.

7. Crowds do not intimidate her

She’s never been one to be intimidated by crowds. In fact, the more people in the audience, the better. She truly seems to get her energy from the audience and then she gives a portion of that energy back.

8. She doesn’t think of herself as a potential ‘star’

She says that she doesn’t really think of herself as a star. Instead, she considers herself a serious musician who also loves performing. That just happens to put her in the public eye, but it’s not because she went out seeking fame.

9. She loves animals

If you look at her social media accounts, you’ll quickly see that she is an animal lover. While she likes all kinds of animals, dogs are definitely her favorite. In fact, she says that she can’t pass up a dog without feeling an inexplicable need to pet it.

10. She doesn’t take herself too seriously

It’s also clear from her social media accounts that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She says that if you’re not able to laugh at yourself, you’re going to spend far too much time worrying about whether or not other people are laughing at you. As far as she’s concerned, life is all about having fun and doing the things that are most meaningful. Therefore, she goes for what she wants and she doesn’t allow herself to get too caught up with the seriousness of it all in the process.

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