10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nazanin Mandi

Over the years, people have come to know Nazanin Mandi for being R&B singer Miguel’s longtime girlfriend and eventual wife. What many don’t realize, however, is that there has always been much more to Nazanin than her relationship status. Multi-talented and beautiful, Nazanin started her modeling career when she was in elementary school. She was eventually signed to Wilhelmina Models where she got the chance to work with several well-known brands. On top of that, Nazanin is also an actress and a talented musician who was a soloist in her high school choir. Now that she and Miguel have decided to go their separate ways, we’ll probably see her pursuing even more things in her career. Continue reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Nazanin Mandi.

1. She’s A California Native

Nazanin was born and raised in Valencia, California. Her father is Iranian and her mother is Latina. Not long after graduating from high school in 2004, Nazanin decided to relocate to the Los Angeles area so that she could really focus on pursuing a career in modeling and entertainment.

2. She Auditioned For American Idol

Music has always been an important part of Nazanin’s life, and when she was 15 years old she decided to audition for the popular singing competition show American Idol. Although all contestants had to be at least 16 years of age, still went through the audition process. During an interview with Elle, she said, “I started making every round. I just kept going and going and going. And right when we got to the top 35 out of thousands of people, they did a background check and discovered I was 15. They kicked me right off the show.”

3. She Met Miguel On The Set Of A Music Video

Nazanin was just 18 years old when she met Miguel on the set of his first music video. Nazanin interviewed Miguel for a promotional DVD and the two exchanged contact information. Little did they know, they would eventually become one of the hottest couples in the entertainment business. The couple married in 2018 after almost 15 years of dating.

4. She Was In An Episode Of That’s So Raven 

As the mid-2000s were approaching, Nazanin started to shift her focus from singing to acting. She landed her first acting role in 2004 in the Disney Channel sitcom, That’s So Raven. While discussing her experience on the show, Nazanin told Euphoriazine, “Having a table read with Raven Symone, someone who I watched from when I was a little kid, she’s a seasoned actress. It was amazing to be on set with her and the other actors as well. Everyone was so nice and really funny. The whole crew was amazing. I had to finish school on that set actually, I was still in high school when we filmed it. I just had a great time! I felt very blessed to be there.”

5. She’s Faced Mental Health Challenges

From the outside looking in, some people might assume that Nazanin has it all. She’s beautiful, talented, and successful. In reality, however, she has gone through her fair of struggles just like everyone else. Over the years, she has struggled with depression and anxiety. She has also dealt with panic attacks.

6. She Would Love To Be On Broadway

Nazanin has already accomplished a lot of great things in her career, but there are still quite a few things she would love to do. One of those things includes getting the chance to appear on Broadway. As someone who enjoys acting and singing, that opportunity would be a great way to put both of her talents to good use.

7. She’s An Author

In addition to everything else she’s done, Nazanin can also add the word “author” to her resume. In her interview with Euphoriazine, Nazanin shared that she is getting ready to release a book through her life coaching platform. Unfortunately, she didn’t share any details on the book or when it will be released.

8. She Released A Single

Once modeling and acting took off for Nazanin, music kind of fell on the backburner. But she never planned on keeping it there forever. In 2019, Nazanin released her first original single “FOREVER MOOD”. Sadly for Nazanin’s fans, she doesn’t have plans to ever release a full-length project.

9. She Loves Inspiring Others

Nazanin does her best to be a positive person, and that’s something she really enjoying sharing with others. She told Tangible Movement, “I’ve always felt the innate need to inspire others, especially women. We all have so much in common, but hardly voice it. It is time to promote unity, confidence, and shut down the self doubt.”

10. She Was The Inspiration For “Adorn”

Miguel’s 2012 single “Adorn” is easily one of his most popular songs. What many people don’t know is that the song wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Nazanin. Miguel has cited her as the inspiration for the song and said that he wrote it on a plane when he was feeling excited about getting back home to her.

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