The 10 Best R&B Songs of 2021 So Far

We’re only halfway through the year and 2021 is already proving to be a great year for R&B music. From love songs to club vibes, there’s been plenty of memorable music to go around. Some of the best artists in the genre are bringing their A-game and R&B fans all over the game are here for it. At a time when there are lots of crazy things going on in the world, music has been the perfect escape for a lot of people. One of the best things about R&B is the fact that it has a little bit bit of something for everybody. Are you interested in seeing (and hearing) which songs are already making a splash this year? Here are the 10 best R&B songs of 2021 so far.

1. “Leave The Door Open” By Silk Sonic


As a solo artist, it goes without saying that Bruno Mars just can’t miss. Now, he’s shown that he can be just as successful as part of a duo. He and Anderson. Paak. might just be the hottest thing of 2021 with their new song “Leave the Door Open”. The song is smooth, catchy, and perfect for almost any occasion. The success of the single has a lot of people looking forward to the album which is slated to be released sometime this year.

2. “Peaches” By Justin Bieber


When Justin Bieber released his fifth album, Changes, in 2020 some people were questioning if The Biebs had lost his sauce. The project failed to yield its usual popularity and some people started to think he was falling off. He put all of that noise to rest this year, however. His sixth album, Justice, was led by the hit single “Peaches” which features Giveon and Daniel Caesar. Whether you’re riding in the car or chillin’ at a party, “Peaches” is the kind of song you can always vibe to.

3. “Good Days” By SZA


After the success of SZA’s debut album, CRTL, lots of people have been anticipating her next project. Although we haven’t gotten the second album yet, she’s already released two singles that have gotten a lot of people excited. One of those singles, “Good Days”, is easily one of the hottest songs of 2021. The song features Ty Dolla $ign doing what he does best: bodying a hook. Although the song is somewhat of a departure from much of what we heard on her album, “Good Days” is proof that SZA can switch it up and still shut it down.

4. “Missing Out” By Syd


Many people know Syd best as a member of The Internet, but she’s also a very talented solo artist. “Missing Out” marks her first solo release since 2017, and it goes without saying that a lot of people were waiting for this song. Syd certainly didn’t disappoint. The song laments the loss of a relationship, but through her lyrics, Syd handles the situation with the level of care we’ve all come to expect from her music.

5. “All To Me” By Giveon


After appearing on Drake’s 2020 single “Chicago Freestyle”, Giveon became one of the most talked-about new artists in R&B. The song “All To Me” was the only new song on his project When It’s All Said and Done… Take Time which is a compilation of his first two EPs. The song is hauntingly beautiful and provides the perfect display for Giveon’s unique voice.

6. “Gravity” By Brent Faiyaz


If you’re a fan of Brent Faiyaz’ music then you know that there’s something special about every song he puts out. He always finds the perfect blend between cockiness and romance. In true Brent Faiyaz form, “Gravity” features some of the smoothing sh*t talking you’ve ever heard. A feature from Tyler, The Creator also gives the track a nice added bonus.

7. “Gone” By Jorja Smith


“Gone” may be a very sad song, but it’s a beautiful one nonetheless. Although it can be interpreted in many ways, the first verse is actually about someone who passed away in a car accident. As Jorja sings, her stunning vocals shine through on top of a stripped-down beat that leaves her with plenty of room to do her thing.

8. “Heaven” Pink Sweat$


Pink Sweat$ may be relatively new to the music industry, but he’s already making a huge impact. He makes the kind of music that makes you want to sit outside and enjoy a beautiful day with someone you love and  “Heaven” is the perfect example of the kind of atmosphere his music creates.

9. “FWM” By Tone Stith


When “FWM” was released early in 2021, it put Tone Stith on the map. There are some songs that take a few listens to fall in love with, but there’s something about “FWM” that makes you like it the first time you hear it. The success of the song has a lot of people looking forward to what he’s going to release next.

10. “Blessings” By DVSN


First of all, you already know an artist is worth listening to when they get a co-sign from Drake, and what DVSN has is much more than that. The duo is signed to Drake’s record label, OVO Sound, and they’ve definitely been living up to the hype. “Blessings” is sultry and it’s the kind of song you can easily listen to on repeat.

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